GeneralsJoes starts the Pursuit of Cobra Wave 5 Reviews

I know it’s been a while…I’ve been juggling several reviews at once, and now I’m finally at a point where I can start posting some of ’em!  I’m running through half of Wave 5 today, I’ll finish up Wave 5 tomorrow, and hope to get rolling on the Con stuff (as well as another couple little surprises) maybe next week.

Don’t hold me to that, though.  :shifty:

Anyway…hit up my Pursuit of Cobra Review Page to check out the newest reviews for Pursuit of Cobra Wave 5, or just hit the links below:


12 thoughts on “GeneralsJoes starts the Pursuit of Cobra Wave 5 Reviews

  1. I agree with you on CC’s head…the new head looks really good on that body. And Hawk looks killer! Also, I’m one of the guys who missed Blowtorch the first time around, so I’ll be glad to get him once I ship my ‘pile-o-loot’ from BBTS.

    As always, great reviews!

  2. These are the only two waves where I am not drawn to compulsive collecting. I’d much rather spend the money allotted for Cobra Commander, Blowtorch, and the Cobra Trooper (which the 25th line ruined me on) and troop built the hell out of new offerings like the Steel Brigade Trooper.

  3. to justin-this is something that ive always wondered: if you dont like or want a figure (as you say with the new blowtorch) then why buy it?

  4. Great reviews. I had to pass on Blowtorch, just really don’t need the bright yellow. Maybe once he is recolored in greens, I’ll pick him up.
    Cobra Commander is decent, should have peobably passed. A personal observation for improvement could have reversing the pegs/holes on the jacket so the visible flared edge is less visible from the front of the figure.
    General Hawk is a great figure. Well done overall. Hasbro is getting some good mileage out of repurposing figures. I’m seriously tempted to bring out the blond head. You made him look better! This figure also has troop builder potential by switching heads w/ other troops.

  5. “A personal observation for improvement could have reversing the pegs/holes on the jacket so the visible flared edge is less visible from the front of the figure.”

    Complete agreement. It’s really odd why they didn’t do this.

    I still say he’d have looked better if he’d matched the package art (black uniform, dark blue pants).

  6. The design of CC is totally inconsistent. I preferred your mod better.

    I am sick of seeing dome head CC. It doesn’t work for PoC.

  7. On Hawk – it kind of depends on how you characterise the Joes. If they’re like the movie Joes (and the Devil’s Due universe), then it doesn’t really make sense for Hawk to be leading the charge to the front lines; the Joes already have plenty of forward battle commanders (one of whom is hauling around an eight-pack missile launcher in the PoC line). The Joes look to be more of a brigade in that sense, fitting in with Hawk’s Colonel / Brigadier General positioning; he’s the perfect rank to lead the team.

    If they’re back to being a small, elite team, then, yeah, Hawk would obviously be more likely to be geared up like this. Of course, a General wouldn’t be in charge of such a unit, but the Joes have always played things fast and loose in the CoC.

    I think that’s why bomber jacket Hawk is so enduring – he bridges both. He never looked out of place in the field (assume he’s got a flak jacket on underneath it), but it’s also someone you could see in a more traditional general’s role. This one’s fine for field ops, but it just doesn’t seem to be very “general”-ish, for lack of a better term.

  8. I was pretty livid about the presence of Blowtorch and Croc Master in waves 5 & 6 until I really started looking at them and found the detailing on him vastly superior to the 25th versions. I definitely would not have bought them if they didn’t come with a case lot, but as it stands I don’t regret it. I may paint the brighter 25th version of Blowtorch up as a Brazilian 1 Batalhoo de Forces Especials T1M1 flame thrower specialist, and use him along with this Blowtorch, ROC Charbroil and the upcoming Airtight as an anti-bio-weapons unit.

  9. teletran – Over the past few years I haven’t been buying everything… but with PoC I have. A couple of reasons. #1, I want to have the items in the review archive. #2, I can never find these things locally, so I always must buy from an online retailer. If I buy the full assortment, it’s cheaper than picking one’s and two’s. For Wave 5, Blowtorch was really the main one I didn’t want, I would still have probably paid close to the same price even without him in the shipment.

    Not only that, but if I want army builders, the one’s and two’s sell out so quick, I can only be assured to get them by purchasing the full set.

    But honestly, it’s mainly about the review.

  10. Hawk is a great figure. He looks cool and he fits my personal view of Hawk as a field commander. The one small knock I have is that it doesn’t make sense to have a large pouch right above your holster.

    As far as Blowtorch goes I think the figure looks great. However, he suffers from what many of the figs suffer from. The guns/articulation are too large or limited for the figure to hold well. I know it’s a personal pet peeve of mine but it really bugs me. There is absolutely no way BT can hold his flamethrower in any kind of convincing manner two handed.

  11. Completely agree that Cobra Commander should’ve been an arctic version. Replace the wingtips with some boots and add some white trim here and there and I think that would’ve been a lot better.

    As is he’s pretty goofy looking. I guess that’s supposed to be a smoking jacket. And wingtips can’t be the ideal footwear for zombie making.

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