Place your bets – will we see a HISS Tank in the G.I. Joe Sequel?

One notable thing about the first G.I. Joe film was the lack of recognizable classic G.I. Joe vehicles.  We saw a souped up Cobra hummer, some fancy aircraft on both sides, but nothing resembling the classic motor pool that we all know and love.

Well, one wonders if that might change for the sequel.  Early indications are that Jon Chu and company are looking for more classic inspirations…and I would think that includes vehicles.  This seems to be supported today by a Tweet from the director, who is once again tossing out little tidbits of info for all of us to salivate over.  This time, the Tweet simply said:

“My twelve-year old self would be pissing his pants if he saw I what I was seeing right about now…”

And he included the below image:

Underneath the heavy instagram filter, those sure as hell look like tank treads.  And if he’s saying his “twelve-year old self would be pissing his pants” that certainly indicates to me that the treads are from something that his twelve-year old self would recognize.  What’s the most famous treaded vehicle in the G.I. Joe mythology?  Without a doubt, it is the HISS.  Rumors were that the HISS was scrapped from early drafts of the first film, too, so it is on Hollywood’s mind.

Of course it’s a stretch…but hey, at this stage of the game, speculating is what it’s all about.  We’ll see how it evolves.  If you want to stay on top of this stuff, you’d best follow Jon Chu on Twitter.  If these early few days are any indication there will be a bunch of cool stuff floating around out there.

GeneralsJoes starts the Pursuit of Cobra Wave 5 Reviews

I know it’s been a while…I’ve been juggling several reviews at once, and now I’m finally at a point where I can start posting some of ’em!  I’m running through half of Wave 5 today, I’ll finish up Wave 5 tomorrow, and hope to get rolling on the Con stuff (as well as another couple little surprises) maybe next week.

Don’t hold me to that, though.  :shifty:

Anyway…hit up my Pursuit of Cobra Review Page to check out the newest reviews for Pursuit of Cobra Wave 5, or just hit the links below:


Old School Creations spreading the O-Ring love!

For those of us who have been around the online Joe community for a while, the apparent disdain for the o-ring format is downright startling.  As someone who took part in the O-Ring MIA adventures of the early 2000’s (when Hasbro dared to omit the beloved o-ring from their G.I. Joe relaunch in 2002) seeing widespread adoption of an o-ringless format is amazing.  Of course it certainly helps that Hasbro is able to design figures that retain their full articulation and functionality without that pesky piece of fragile rubber.

Even though modern action figure design makes the o-ring at least somewhat obsolete, there is a strong segment of the fandom who holds tightly to that format and strongly believes that it is a viable action figure standard today.  I would absolutely agree with that.  Many fans complain about the dated look of the o-ring figures, but I stand by the fact that this is mostly due to the reused tooling from 25 years ago and is not indicative of the format itself.  If Hasbro and/or the Collectors’ Club turned up the dial on their sculpting with the o-ring format in mind, I think it could still work nicely.

Well, Old School Creations certainly agrees with this, and they’re working hand-in-hand with Slayer Design Studios to keep the o-ring love alive, and I love them for it.  They have some very exciting things planned, and you can check out an email below announcing their latest membership incentive drive and some talk about the fantastic projects that are on their plate.  Old school Real American Hero fans should be ALL OVER this.  Check out the details below, and make a stop over at the OSC Message Boards to share the o-ring love.


The club is beginning work on the club exclusive ARAH action figures!

The staff is now compiling a list of ten choices (skimmed from the lists of suggestions submitted by users in the ARAH suggestions area) which members will then vote on to select the first figure.

The club will be doing four figures per year plus one bonus figure. We also have an ARAH special edition, “Unmasked Head Set.” in the works. This set will include up to 6 character heads sans masks.

Subscriptions will cost $100 for the full year. Those that pay the entire year’s subscription will then get to select from two choices of a BONUS FIGURE as an incentive that will be absolutely free! The only way to get the bonus figure will be pay the year’s subscription all at once.

Want a hint on the bonus figures?  They’re both bad guys and they’re both army builders.

While each club figure will cost $25, additional figures may be purchased at a much reduced cost.

About the Process:

Each figure will be a FULL figure with original head, arms, torso, waist and legs all sculpted by the Slayer Design team!  While heads and torsos may be available in the Slayer store at a later date, full figures can only be had through the club as each figure is a club exclusive.

Please keep in mind that this is not an overnight process, which is why we’ve limited the number to four per year. Each figure will take approximately 3-4 months as there is a lot of work to be done:

1. Design

2. Sculpting

3. Molding

4. Casting

5. Assembly of arms

6. Packaging

7. Mailing

This is an involved process, but we promise it will be well worth it! You will see characters that Hasbro never made AND NEVER WILL MAKE in the ARAH style!

Have you been wanting a Pythona since 1987? Better get on the forums and VOTE, because, SHE’S ON THE LIST.

These figures are a labor of love for the OSC staff. Basically, the club is a way for ARAH enthusiasts to pool their resources and get characters into their collections that would NEVER be made otherwise!

This is also your chance to design a figure or two!

Have a sweet idea for a figure? We have sculpting sheets that are done up in blue line that you are able to draw over. Submit them to the forums, who knows? Maybe you’ll see them in plastic!

We are making arrangements to ensure that those who do not desire to paint their own figures will have access to talented painters to finish their figures.

More details to follow.

OSC is about to take off, be a part of it!

We’ll see you on the forums!