Storm Shadow to be “overhauled” for upcoming G.I. Joe sequel?

Well, I guess “overhauled” is what you call coming back from the dead?  One of the more controversial aspects of the original Rise of Cobra film was the decidedly final fate of Cobra ninja Storm Shadow, who was hacked up and dropped into the Arctic sea.

Considering we first heard news that Lee Byung-Hun would reprise his role as Storm Shadow over a year ago, that fate became less than final, and now according to Korean news site Starnews we have a few more details concerning Storm Shadow’s upcoming return to the Joe film franchise.  The original page is in Korean, but thanks to the wonders of Google Translate we have some clunky, broken English, and most likely completely inaccurate assumptions.  But hey, look, movie news!

I mean, after all, according to the article, “Lee is Storm Shadow is entirely dead, as described in Part 2 but emerged as a new look side, Snake Eyes, and is expected to spread even more intense confrontation.Lee is more powerful than characters haejyeo euroseon phase in Hollywood is expected to rise further.”  Go Google Translate, go!

In all seriousness, the article confirms reports that Lee, Park, and Tatum are pretty much the only cast members slated to return and that the Korean actor is returning stateside to promote his latest film and to prepare for filming of the G.I. Joe sequel.  Personally my favorite part of the article is that they refer to Lee as a “ninja” even outside the context of the film.  Take the article for what’s it worth, and get ready for 14 more months of this.  Yay!

4 thoughts on “Storm Shadow to be “overhauled” for upcoming G.I. Joe sequel?

  1. happy does these story make 788 vs. i was jumping for Lee to retrieve as Storm Shadow.

    i jump that they dont interchange his uniform plenty…i really bubbled at the way it sighted in original the movie.

    seriously though…i really loved the way storm shadow was handled in RoC….character-wise and visually.
    hope it doesnt change too much.

  2. Do you work for Google Translation 788? That’s freaking hilarious.

    Anyway, one of my brothers complaints about the first film was Storm Shadow dying at the end. To me it was obvious that he had nano-mites. Everyone else did. And I’m sure they kept his vitals in check and his rageful sense of vengence would keep him alive. I don’t see what the controversy was.

    Then again, if they are doing a Jinx story line maybe SS will only appear in flashbacks. That would bug me.

  3. thanks geek…….

    look geek…please dont take offense to this…but i have to ask….

    is RoC the first movie your brother has ever watched?
    i mean i dont know…maybe hes like 4….
    he doesnt seem to understand “the formula”.

    man…want to blow his mind?
    Halloween, Nightmare on Elm Street, Friday the 13th…hed go bugnuts!

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