Sideshow Collectibles will debut Zartan at SDCC

Hoooo boy.  During a recent Whats on Joe Mind podcast, I reluctantly admitted that I had canceled my recent Sideshow Collectible pre-orders, just because I didn’t think I’d be able to swing the cash.  When you’re talking about $130 – $150, certain sacrifices must be made, and as I prepare my toy budget to withstand the onslaught of the G.I. Joe Collectors’ Club subscription service, certain things gotta go.

So, sorry Stalker and Cobra Viper, at this moment, you will not be joining my collection.  And I can only hope that maybe… just maybe Zartan isn’t so cool that I feel the absolute compulsion to own him.  Apparently we’ll find out at SDCC.

Sideshow Collectibles answered some Q & A’s recently, and the one that caught my attention was this one:

“Q. When are we getting Zartan, and how soon are we gonna see any Drednoks?

A. Zartan is completely rad. This figure is by far our most ambitious Joe yet, and sports some really incredible armor and weaponry. The prototype is nearly done, and we appear to be on track for a big reveal by the time of San Diego Comic Con.”

Oh, just fantastic.  “Completely rad”?  “Incredible armor and weaponry”?

I’m screwed.  Check out the full Q & A right here.

One thought on “Sideshow Collectibles will debut Zartan at SDCC

  1. I really hope the Zartan exclusive in some way features his color change ability. A green hued head or some clear armor perhaps?

    Whatever it is I’ll be in line to get one. The Sideshow line has really started to become my default G.I. Joe line. Yeah its expensive but when you factor in that I’m not buying hardly any of the POC line (BLASPHEMY!!!) and pretty much cut out most other 4″ stuff I think I’m actually coming out ahead.

    Now if Sideshow would just finish up their new female body and announce Scarlett and Baroness already…

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