Licensing Expo provides scant first glance at 2012 G.I. Joe logo

Well, lookie here.  The marketing and licensing blitz is already getting warmed up.

Now, I knew this licensing expo was going on, but I guess I didn’t necessarily expect anything G.I. Joe related to make an appearance.  Truth be told, it really didn’t, but there is apparently a sign present, and the sign indicates:

“A New Day.

A New Mission.

A New Joe.”

If that isn’t a way to try and coerce the viewing public to overlook that last G.I. Joe movie and give it another try, I don’t know what is.  The logo pulls elements from G.I. Joe: Renegades, so who knows for sure if this is anything final, but it’s there, and I’m talking about it.  Check out the mirrored image below (originally from, and a big thanks to Jay of Entertainment News International for the intel!

6 thoughts on “Licensing Expo provides scant first glance at 2012 G.I. Joe logo

  1. I’m not sure if the emphasis on ninja weapons (shurikens) is a good thing or not.. No matter how much I like Snake Eyes and Storm Shadow’s presence, I’m always a little wary of ninja overload.

  2. I am starting to think with Jinx being added and now ninja throwing stars showing up, that we are going to take a significant look at Snake Eyes and the Arashakage clan in this upcoming movie. Almost like Taking Wolverine out by himself somewhat from the X-Men Movies.

  3. I’m hoping that the new logo and new statement is a thinly veiled call to arms to reboot this movie. I’ve soured a little on the movie since it first came out. I got caught up in the excitement that Joe was actually getting a movie. As I look back on it I’m seriously considering getting rid of most of my movie toys.

  4. Reboot, MFers! Who’s starting to think the Bieber guy is going to do alright with the Joes?

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