Episode Eight posted for Whats on Joe Mind Podcast!

Well, since Chuck gave me such a hard time about it (even after I front-paged his damn Low Light review) I am posting this update to the podcast IMMEDIATELY.  Leave me the hell alone, Chuck.

In all seriousness, this latest installment of What’s on Joe Mind is about a day early as we prepare for half our team to venture North towards Canada for the Canadian JoeCon this weekend.  We talk about the CJC, the news of the week, including the Joe Sequel, G.I. Joe: Renegades, and those awesome 6″ prototypes that were floating around.

We also give some more background on SK Omega and renew our plea for questions in preparation for the interview that is upcoming.

You can check out the show at our Podbean site, subscribe via iTunes, and also listen via the embedded player below.  Enjoy, and as always, we encourage and appreciate all feedback.

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