G.I. Joe film sequel news breaking on Twitter

Well, kinda sorta.

While Twitter wasn’t quite so deeply installed in the American fabric in 2009, here in 2011 it is a veritable source of intel and information!  Tonight, two pretty critical Tweets came out from various creators behind the scenes of the upcoming G.I. Joe motion picture sequel.

First and foremost, courtesy of Rhett Rheese (one of the screenwriters), the title of the sequel is NOT “Cobra Strikes”.

The second point of information isn’t necessarily news, but an opportunity.  The director of the sequel, Jon Chu has posted an open invitation for Joe fans to share their thoughts on the upcoming sequel!  Over on his own Twitter page, he posted the following:

“GI JOE FANS ALERT! If u were making the JOE movie how would u change it or add to it… casting, designs, characters, etc… just curious.”

Let your voice be heard!  Follow Jon M Chu and tell him what you want to see.