G.I. Joe Q & A all up to date

I’m not sure if folks have been continuously checking or not, but I have added a couple of stragglers to the Q & A page.  One interesting entry comes from the great guys at Jedi Defender, who posed the following question and received a pretty good answer:

    3) I know this question will be done to death this round, but I hope that this version will help provide answers to the eager Joe collector/consumer.Smart collectors know that Hasbro can’t make retailers buy product. That being said, is there anything that Hasbro can do to provide the consumer the opportunity to purchase figures when the mass-market retailers refuse to stock new product (as has happened recently with GI Joe and Marvel Universe at Wal-Mart)? The pegs for Joe (and MU) are full of Bakugan and other imported concepts at every store I’ve seen in the last 8 weeks.

    POC (figures, and to a lesser extent vehicles) as the current iteration of Joe has seemed to sell through at practically all local venues in NE Texas, and stores still seem to refuse to restock. With gasoline prices at $4+ a gallon, there is ZERO impetus to drive around and look for these figures we’d like to have, but most likely will not be able to turn up.

    3) That is a great question and we heard it loud and clear at JoeCon. We are currently working on several different options to get figures into collectors’ hands when they can’t find what they’re looking for at retail. Without going into too much detail, there are a few logistical details that are a challenge but rest assured, we want collectors to be able to get figures without having to drive hundreds of miles. Stay tuned.

Curious.  I think most of us have assumed that HasbroToyShop was Hasbro’s answer to fans who can’t make it to brick & mortar retail, but this certainly sounds like they might have something else up their sleeves.  Could they be doing a subscription service similar to what the Collector’s Club is coming up with?  I guess time will tell, but with retailers continuously pulling back from carrying product, and an obvious desire from Hasbro to continue building on one of their few home-grown brands, could they be thinking out of the box?  Stay tuned.

G.I. Joe: Cobra Strikes about to have some bad luck?

It would certainly appear that way…  after all, according to Heat Vision they now have a Jinx!

Okay.  That was terrible.  I apologize.

According to the aforementioned article, French actress Elodie Yung is in talks to join Channing Tatum, Ray Park, and possibly Dwayne Johnson in the upcoming G.I. Joe: Cobra Strikes sequel.  The article specifically mentions Jinx as the role she is in talks for.  Quite an interesting and eclectic group so far.  If we can believe the rumors, that gives us Duke, Roadblock, Snake Eyes and Jinx going up against a so far unknown (besides Storm Shadow) crew of Snake-themed baddies.  It is also unknown just how directly this will tie in with the original film and how much they’re going to depend on those events to move the story forward.  Ms. Yung has a little history already as a martial arts warrior, appearing in District 13: Ultimatum as a female assassin who likes to attack people with knives in her ponytail.  She appears somewhat briefly in the trailer for that film that can be viewed below:

And she makes an even larger appearence in the below movie clip:

Sexy Elodie Yung Banlieue 13 Ultimatum by qoochet

While I love the casting news, I am much more intrigued at what we’re going to hear on the Cobra side of things.  Since the film makers seem somewhat determined to move on and away from many of the original characters, how are they going to handle Cobra Commander, Destro, or The Baroness, who are all so critical and central to the cast of evil characters?

I suppose with ole Chrome Dome and Destro, since they’re heavily masked, they could easily be swapped out with other actors, but seeing as how The Baroness played such a key role in the entire first film, her fate remains very interesting to me.  Time will tell.  I’m really starting to look forward to covering this over the next fourteen months.

Thanks to dorian247 from HissTank.com for coming across this intel.

GeneralsJoes Reviews GIJCC Exclusive 25th Anniversary Dial Tone

Yeah, I’m running way behind on reviews, though I am simultaneously working on Wave 5, the 2011 Convention Set, and this Dial Tone as well…once the floodgates open, they’ll start flying out!

I have updated my 25th Anniversary Reviews Page (and put it on the GIJCC Reviews Page as well) or you can check out the review itself at the link below:

I know the reviews have been a bit sparse, but I am about 75% done with 6 or 7 different reviews, and they should all come pouring out within the next week or so.


Spend Father’s Day with G.I. Joe on The Hub

To celebrate Father’s Day, The Hub has announced that there will be a mammoth G.I. Joe marathon entitled “Freedom Fighters’ Father’s Day”.  According to Toonzone:

A “Freedom Fighters Father’s Day” marathon is coming up The Hub. The marathon will consist of episodes from GI Joe A Real American Hero and GI Joe Renegades and will run from 1:00 PM EST to 8:00 PM EST on Sunday, June 19, 2011. Throughout the day military style file cards style will pop up with little known GI Joe facts and trivia. Polling will take place on hubworld.com.”

So all you dads out there tell the wife and kids to leave you the hell alone so you can sit on your ass all day and watch G.I. Joe!  Thanks to Steel Brigade from HissTank.com for the info.