More figures for the Canadian JoeCon revealed!

Playing a little bit of catch up on news for the past day or two…and with the Canadian Joe Con coming quick, more exclusive figure revelations have taken place!  The two newest members of the Canadian branch of the Joe team are Traceroute and Valkyrie!

Check them out right here.

A pair of VERY cool looking figures.  Valkyrie is obviously based on the Pilot Scarlett anniversary figure, which lends an awesome sheen to the torso paint job that I love.  Traceroute has a bit more customization to him, with what appears to be a new head, and a great combination of parts from the neck down as well.

Two more very cool looking figures, and a set that is shaping up to be impressive indeed.

Keep your eyes on and as always for the latest and greatest news and info!

And the winner is…

So, yesterday when the What’s on Joe Mind podcast aired, folks who listened heard us announce the winner of the free RAHC Guide…well, here is the official GeneralsJoes announcement!

The winner of the guide is…  Sidewinder!

I wanted to post video as proof of the random pick, so I’ve embedded it below.  I apologize in advance for the strange one-sided conversation…you should listen to the Podcast simultaneously so you can hear what I hear.  :shifty:

Anyway… congratulations to Sidewinder!!  I will contact him and arrange a shipment out to him of the free copy of the RAHC Guide.  Congrats!

BBTS News: Sale, Transformers, Neca, Marvel, DC, Statues & More!

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G.I. Joe themed video reviews by chuckdawg on YouTube

So anyone who has been listening to the What’s on Joe Mind Podcast is familiar with Chuck at this point…but what folks might not know is that he has been doing video reviews over on YouTube for a while now.  The latest one puts a prime focus directly on the Pursuit of Cobra Low Light.

Keep in mind, he continually complained about not finding a PoC Low Light for the first few episodes of the Podcast, and when he finally got one, HE DIDN’T OPEN IT FOR A FREAKING MONTH.  He’s sick, I tell you.

Well, he finally got tired of us complaining about it, and not only did he open it, but he recorded it.  You can see the video embedded below, and can also check out Chuck’s YouTube Channel right here.

Another 6″ Pre-Production sample emerges…were these JvC concepts?

Signs point to YES.

I know I spent a considerable amount of time talking about Gyre-Viper’s Cobra Commander pre-production and made references to the super hero era, but as we hear more about these mysterious larger scale items, it seems clearer that these were perhaps an initial attempt at reviving G.I. Joe in the 6″ scale in 2002 before they went with a more compatible 3 3/4″ scale.

Longtime Joe fan and big friend of GeneralsJoes notpicard has posted additional images on and makes some very compelling points to these being more modern renditions of G.I. Joe.  So compelling, in fact, that I have no hesitation in saying these were early 2002 samples initially planned for the relaunch line.  There is also more evidence that these figures were indeed planned as a 6″ line (and not just larger sized pre-production items).

Check out the excellent images here.

As for the compelling points, one just has to really look at this new 6″ sample, which may be labeled “Short Fuze” but to me, is clearly Duke.  If you compare this sample that Patrick shows in his images with some early artwork for the Joe vs. Cobra line, the comparisons are too clear to ignore:

The helmet, the goggles, the open vest…the placement of those pouches or holsters.  It’s almost an exact match for the artwork.  Along with this, are Patrick’s astute observations about the sculpting on Cobra Commander, and the staff that he comes with, which is nearly identical to the staff that the JvC Cobra Commander came with:

There’s also similarities with the knife placement on his leg, the collar, etc…  it would seem to me the evidence is too much to ignore.  These are some awesome historical pieces, and a big kudos to Gyre-Viper and notpicard for sharing these from their personal collections.  A truly unique piece of history.  Check out more images and more of Patrick’s great observations at