G.I. Joe: Cobra Strikes may strike even earlier

We’ve been long hearing that the inevitable G.I. Joe sequel, G.I. Joe: Cobra Strikes would launch in August, 2012…but it would seem that it might hit Hollywood even sooner.

TG Daly reports that Paramounts big budget sequel to the 2009 smash Star Trek reboot has been delayed due to JJ Abrams scheduling conflicts, and the successor has already been named: G.I. Joe: Cobra Strikes.  The article specifies that the Joe sequel may not air on the exact same weekend as Star Trek 2 was going to initially, but chances are good Paramount will lift it up to an earlier release date in the summer.  Star Trek’s original release date was set for June 29th.

Sounds like things are getting rolling!  Looking forward to another roller coaster ride.

Some interesting tidbits from the latest Q & A… Data Viper we hardly knew ye.

As sites continue to post the incoming responses from the Hasbro Q & A, a few interesting bits of intel have started coming out.  Some good, one not so good.  The bad news first:

From Fighting 118th, we get word that unfortunately the very cool looking Data-Viper shown at JoeCon is no longer due for release:

Q) What is the likelihood that we will actually see all of what was shown
at JoeCon at retail of some form?

A) What was debuted at Joe Con 2011 (in the cases) is what our fans can expect to see from the 30th anniversary line with one exception – Data Viper did not make the cut

THAT is a bummer.  A very interesting unique concept that sounds destined for the cutting room floor.  Too bad.

Next, from JoeIntel, apparently the recently released PoC Cobra Viper will be getting repack treatment in the upcoming fall assortments, this time with red arm guards and more weapons!

3. We are already aware of (and quite happy with!) the running changes on Blowtorch and Croc Master. We feel the important items were addressed, but want to be prepared if there are any other small changes. Are any other PoC figures getting any changes even if something minimal?

Hasbro: As the brand transitions into 30th anniversary, some of the more popular Cobra Troop Builders will be getting some minor revisions as they find their way onto the new “30th anniversary” style cardbacks. For example, the Cobra Viper will feature red wrist guards, and will be outfitted with a new array of weapons instead of the projectile launching cannon.

This sounds like a pretty cool change to me…not a huge fan of that big missile launcher, and would love to see more smaller weapons.  The red arm guards I know were a source of complaints, too.

Also from JoeIntel, some details about the MIA Alpha Wave 3 vehicles comes to light, with confirmation that our Canadian brothers to the North should be expecting the Cycle Armor and the HISS Scout to hit retail up there:

1. The HISS Scout and Cycle Armor were shown at Joecon, but there was no definite word on where they will be available. Can you give us any word on where we might be able to expect these?

Hasbro: So here’s the story. We are still working on getting a retailer to take this in the US. However, a limited amount of these items have made their way into market in Singapore. The largest order for these was for Canada (lucky for them). Stay tuned on a US retailer.

This is good news in a way, as at least we have confirmation that these are hitting retail in some form or fashion.  The bad news is, folks in the US might have to become friends with some folks in Canada to get what they want to get.

We also get confirmation via JoeCustoms.com that when the movie line hits next year, the 30th Anniversary line as it currently stands will come off store shelves.  I don’t think this surprises anyone at this point, but figured it was worth mentioning.

2) As filming for the GI Joe sequel gets underway, at what point of the process are you with the movie line? And will the line be sold side by side with what has been shown for the 30th Anniversary?

We have already been working on the movie line for several months here. The movie line will be our main focus next year and when the movie line comes out, it will replace the 30th anniversary line for a while. They will not be in aisle at the same time.

Again, no real surprise.  I just hope they build on the successful formula with Pursuit of Cobra and the 30th Anniversary stuff and don’t take a step back.  In my opinion, the functionality and the detail of The Rise of Cobra was a nice step above the Anniversary stuff (even if the designs themselves came across as somewhat uninspired) so here’s hoping for the same treatment next year.