Latest round of G.I. Joe: Q & A Answers coming in

Hot off the heels of BotCon, Hasbro has sent along answers to the latest round of our Q & A session.  Unfortunately I only received two responses, but they are quoted below:

Q: G.I. Joe: Renegades toys were initially said to be animated in style in one of your official Q & A responses.  The final product, obviously, is a lot more based in reality.  From a design perspective, can you comment on how the animated style differed from the realistic one?  Was it proportions, articulation, or just paint applications?

A: The animated style was closer in sculpted style to the style seen on screen in GI JOE RENEGADES, it had alot of angled surfaces and complexities, and not a ton of straps or surface detail.  Articulation points and basic proportions were different as well in this line.  They looked pretty cool!  In the end, we decided to go with a style which was more in-line with the realistic look of 30th and POC, since they were to live in the same “universe” together.  We like the end result, and think it’s a great marriage of the two styles (animated and realistic).

Q: What was the thought process behind making Zarana a potential SDCC Exclusive?  Are retailers still so worried about the sales impact of female figures, and if so, how are we ensured to get more of our favorite female characters on store shelves?

A: There are two questions here. The first is why Zarana for Comic-Con? The answer is twofold. We have some very passionate GI Joe fans working on the brand who realy wanted to get both a female character and specifically Zarana out there. The second question is about female characters in mainline. The truth is that they just don’t sell as well as other characters. With a limited amount of figures to work with, we can’t afford to have a figure that doesn’t sell well.

Of course, as always, you can keep hitting up GeneralsJoes Q & A Page for a gathering of all questions across the web!

9 thoughts on “Latest round of G.I. Joe: Q & A Answers coming in

  1. Man I bet those animated sculpts are amazing! Think I’ll go cry a little. The whole renegades situation was handled so bad!!

  2. “With a limited amount of figures to work with, we can’t afford to have a figure that doesn’t sell well.”

    bwahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahaha!!!! oh thats just too funny!

    granted, they try to make all their figures sellable, but they have to wonder about some of the stuff they come up with and if itll sell or not

  3. Nearly every Q&A someone asks about more female figures, yet we get the same lame answer from Hasbro. Female figures do sell, beside the lack luster bland RoC figues (excluding Helix), they are hard to find in stores and usually in short supply. They keep putting out female Star Wars figures, so that answer just doesn’t fly.

  4. “With a limited amount of figures to work with, we can’t afford to have a figure that doesn’t sell well.”

    “That’s right,” said Arctic Destro.

  5. Bullcrap, bullcrap, bullcrap, BULLCRAP! Hasbro keeps rolling out that same lame excuse about female figures and it’s utter weak sauce. Somehow Star Wars sells females. Marvel sells females. The females that didn’t sell in Joe are the boring ones from RoC. The later RoC women sold fine. The early waves pegwarmed right along side all of their MALE wave mates – Destro, Breaker, Zartan, Cobra “The Doctor” Commander, Vipers… they ALL pegwarmed. This drives me absolutely nuts!

  6. Lol Always the same lame explanation about female figures. The truth is that in RoC females didnt sell so well becouse sculpting was terrible. Those looks nothing like females and thats why they didnt sell so good. Helix from what i remember was hard to get becouse she was pretty cool and not so ugly like other RoC female figures. So Hasbro Stop Lying to yur self and look the truth in the eye – you did bad job and now you cry that it didnt sell so good.

  7. Aww man, word is the Data Viper is cancelled. That kinda sucks. Bright spot, I guess, is that another q&a supposedly confirmed that everything else shown at JoeCon IS still coming.

  8. that argument doesnt hold water never has. female figures have always been popular in the collector market because they are hard to get, why? because people buy them. even scarlett with the melungeon fore head sold to the peg board. hmmm lets see how about fast draw wannabe duke, and tornado kick storm shadow. there is a local walmart with at least 15 of each hanging on the pegs. artic destros…are becoming harder to find around here.

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