Awesome new images reveal hidden corner of G.I. Joe history

I find it amazing that even after nearly three decades, we are still finding out new information about the toyline’s production in the 80’s and 90’s.  As more and more people enter the digital age (there are still people out there who AREN’T in the digital age??) more of this stuff is going to come to light.

Every once in a while, a very cool find is uncovered, though…something that most folks have not had wind of before… and this is one of those.

Obviously as the 80’s gave way to the 90’s toy formats had undergone a major paradigm shift.  No longer did the 3 3/4″ scales of Star Wars and G.I. Joe rule the toy aisle…everything was geared towards super heroes, and the figures were growing larger and more exaggerated to match the superhuman elements.  McFarlane Toys ushered in an era of larger, more tightly sculpted, ore detailed action figures, and Hasbro was trying to keep pace. Anyone who read the excellent book Toy Wars by G Wayne Miller got a little insight into Hasbro’s thought processes as this evolution was happening, and ultimately, G.I. Joe: Extreme appeared to be the (unfortunate) answer.  Of course, everyone must know that this wasn’t Hasbro’s only experiments in a larger, more “super hero” scale in the 90’s…but for the first time, we have pictorial proof.

Gyre-Viper has become renowned for his test shots and pre-production samples of new items, but he has gone above and beyond here, tracking something down from the past…and quite a cool something at that.  Behold, the unproduced G.I. Joe 6″ Scale Cobra Commander:

Now, many folks who were at JoeCon last year probably saw this prototype in the JoeDeclassified display booth, but for most of the general public, this is likely the first time this has been shown.  It’s a very cool look into the past design concepts, and a great idea of just how many things are floated out there before something sticks.  I find it really interesting that this Cobra Commander appears in a trenchcoat, which was a design element that was adopted by Devils’ Due and Sideshow Collectibles.  Fascinating to think it dates back to the 90’s.

A very cool piece of Real American Hero history, and I’m glad Gyre-Viper is sharing it with us.  He talks about it a bit more on

Can we consider this confirmation of Dwayne Johnson in G.I. Joe Cobra Strikes?

Gotta love The Twitter.  Give any Tom, Dick, or Harry a computer and a keyboard and suddenly rumors are confirmed…  or are they?

No doubt reacting to the flood of rumors across the internet, Dwayne Johnson, The Rock himself has posted an update via his own Twitter account (yes it is really him):

“We’ve read your comments. We know what you want. “..and knowing is half the battle.” It’s on”

Also linked within that Tweet is a link to his website, where he has posted a little musical snippet featuring what looks like scenes of him kicking some ass on the set of one of his past films…interestingly, a G.I. Joe logo is prominently visible throughout the video:

Dwayne Johnson on WhoSay

Can that be considered confirmation?  While still not official, sure seems pretty damn likely at this point.

You know what?  I like it.  Not just because his name will put butts in seats, but because he is a bonafide action STAR, and the fact that Paramount and the movie producers are willing to bring him on board tells me that they’re not just crapping something out.

Of course, the end result could convince me of something totally different, but if this information is confirmed, I’m on board with the decision.

Latest round of G.I. Joe: Q & A Answers coming in

Hot off the heels of BotCon, Hasbro has sent along answers to the latest round of our Q & A session.  Unfortunately I only received two responses, but they are quoted below:

Q: G.I. Joe: Renegades toys were initially said to be animated in style in one of your official Q & A responses.  The final product, obviously, is a lot more based in reality.  From a design perspective, can you comment on how the animated style differed from the realistic one?  Was it proportions, articulation, or just paint applications?

A: The animated style was closer in sculpted style to the style seen on screen in GI JOE RENEGADES, it had alot of angled surfaces and complexities, and not a ton of straps or surface detail.  Articulation points and basic proportions were different as well in this line.  They looked pretty cool!  In the end, we decided to go with a style which was more in-line with the realistic look of 30th and POC, since they were to live in the same “universe” together.  We like the end result, and think it’s a great marriage of the two styles (animated and realistic).

Q: What was the thought process behind making Zarana a potential SDCC Exclusive?  Are retailers still so worried about the sales impact of female figures, and if so, how are we ensured to get more of our favorite female characters on store shelves?

A: There are two questions here. The first is why Zarana for Comic-Con? The answer is twofold. We have some very passionate GI Joe fans working on the brand who realy wanted to get both a female character and specifically Zarana out there. The second question is about female characters in mainline. The truth is that they just don’t sell as well as other characters. With a limited amount of figures to work with, we can’t afford to have a figure that doesn’t sell well.

Of course, as always, you can keep hitting up GeneralsJoes Q & A Page for a gathering of all questions across the web!

Rumor Alert – Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson to play Roadblock in G.I. Joe: Cobra Strikes?


Well, he’s got some name and some star power, but certainly isn’t making the sequel seem any more credible from an artistic sense.  Of course, I suppose anyone who thinks a sequel to G.I. Joe: The Rise of Cobra is going to have artistic sense will be in for an ultimate disappointment next summer anyway.

Both Variety and Deadline Hollywood (who likely got the news from the same place) are reporting that not only is Dqyane Johnson in talks to be in the film, but he’s very likely to be playing heavy machine gunner and gourmet chef Roadblock.  Although Heavy Duty had been the Joe’s requisite heavy machine gunner throughout the first part of the 21st Century, over the past few years with Resolute and Renegades, Roadblock has taken his place back amongst central G.I. Joe characters, which certainly pleases a lot of fans out there.

While he certainly is no Terry Crews (sorry Brian Truitt…) he does lend some star power and muscle behind the sequel.  It will be interesting to see if this comes about.

Big thanks to snakeeyes566 of for spotting this nugget.