GeneralsJoes Reviews Pursuit of Cobra Ashiko w/ Cycle

For folks who listened to the last episode of the What’s on Joe Mind podcast they’ve already gotten wind of this review, but for the rest of you, I have now posted the review to the Pursuit of Cobra Review Page.

Keep your eyes on the site, too, because reviews are going to keep coming fast and furious.  I’ve got the GIJCC Dial Tone, Pursuit of Cobra Wave 5, and still have the mammoth 2011 Convention Set in the wings.

For now, though, check out the review at the link below.

One thought on “GeneralsJoes Reviews Pursuit of Cobra Ashiko w/ Cycle

  1. Hasbro is a funny animal right now. They are like the Ambassadors of all Toy and Cartoon properties from the 1980s.
    They seem to have sucked up a vast majority of the after school play and tv time we all grew up with and shoved it all right into G.I. Joe as much as they can.
    It’s funny too, because I doubt the kids will get it the way the parents (or growed up toy fans) will.
    None the less, they do it and get the green light time and again.
    Does it work?
    I certainly think so.
    It’s those little details and references to something we recognize that get all the buzz and excitement going for.
    Nobody geeks out int he toy aisles the way the have about G.I. Joe in recent years.
    I am proud to say these are the finest examples of high quality toys I have seen in a long time.
    The engineers and designers of these things are absolutely on fire, and so too it seems are the folks working it into a backstory.
    Pure imagination.
    Now if only there were more of it available at retail ;)

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