Bittersweet Symphony – The Final Days of G.I. Joe: Renegades

Well, the date is now semi-official.  July 23rd will mark the end of Season 1 of G.I. Joe: Renegades, and likely the end of the series entirely.  MSNTV has posted an update to their G.I. Joe Renegades schedule, and this is how it is all laid out:

  • June 11th, Episode 21 – The Anamoly
  • June 18th, Episode 22 – Cutting Edge
  • June 25th, Episode 23 – Cousins
  • July 9th, Episode 24 – Going Underground
  • July 16th, Episode 25 – Revelations, Part 1
  • July 23rd, Episode 26 – Revelations, Part 2

And there it ends.  All twenty-six episodes, and the series should just be wrapping up for the final time right as the toys are available on store shelves nationwide.  If that isn’t a brilliant marketing strategy, I don’t know what is.

Yes, that’s sarcasm.

Without going too deep into it, the obvious and utter disregard for G.I. Joe: Renegades is completely and totally mind-blowing.  The total indecision, unwillingness to commit, and eagerness to end it before it even began will be something that I never completely understand.  I’ve been collecting these little toy men for going near on thirty years, and I’ve seen quite a few business choices that made me scratch my head.  In all fairness to Hasbro, many of those have worked out for the company, even if I didn’t agree at the time.

This one, though?  I just flat out don’t get it.  Building an entire network around essentially a small handful of corporate owned animated properties, and essentially decided to kill Renegades before it even really started.  Blaming the upcoming film, when they knew all along that the film was coming out in this timeframe, yet didn’t seem remotely concerned about it when they started the series in the first place.

G.I. Joe hasn’t had animation on television of this quality since the 80’s, and Hasbro essentially shuffled it under the rug before they even really gave it a chance to succeed.

A shame.

Ah, well.  I’ll be enjoying the next run of episodes nonetheless.  And I’ll be loving the toys.  But a big part of my faith in Hasbro took a hit with this one, and even though upcoming toys are looking awesome, it’s going to take a lot to win me all the way back.

REMINDER – Free Copy of the RAHC Guide up for grabs!

I announced this contest early in the week, but figured folks might want a reminder.

James Kavanaugh, Jr., the writer of the RAHC Guide is giving away a free copy to a lucky GeneralsJoes reader!  All you need to do is hit up this thread and tell us your favorite birthday memory about G.I. Joe!  It can be from the 80’s, it can be from last week…heck if you don’t have anything, make something up!

I am extending the contest just a little bit, too…I’m giving everyone until the end of the weekend to get their comments posted.  Hurry up and get them in, and I will announce the winner on next week’s Whats on Joe Mind Podcast (then will reveal it on the site shortly thereafter).

Have at it!

GeneralsJoes Reviews Pursuit of Cobra Ashiko w/ Cycle

For folks who listened to the last episode of the What’s on Joe Mind podcast they’ve already gotten wind of this review, but for the rest of you, I have now posted the review to the Pursuit of Cobra Review Page.

Keep your eyes on the site, too, because reviews are going to keep coming fast and furious.  I’ve got the GIJCC Dial Tone, Pursuit of Cobra Wave 5, and still have the mammoth 2011 Convention Set in the wings.

For now, though, check out the review at the link below.