News Update from SmallJoes.Com – Wave 5 now in stock!

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Hi folks, we wanted to tell you about some new and pre-order products
as well as some other important news updates for SMALLJOES.COM.


The Pursuit of Cobra wave 5 figure assortment has arrived!  This set
includes Cobra Trooper, Cobra Commander, Blowtorch, Jungle B.A.T.,
General Hawk, and Steel Brigade Trooper.  You can find them listed here:

Pre-orders for the upcoming GI JOE Skystriker w/ Ace, Black Dragon VTOL
w/ Cobra Air Trooper, and VAMP jeep will be listed on June 1st so be
sure to check back with us then.

We’ve listed a whole bunch of new GI JOE comic books!  IDW has changed
the GI JOE ongoing series line-up a bit.  Beginning with the Cobra Civil
War storyline we’ll have three ongoing titles: GI JOE, COBRA, and SNAKE-
EYES.  The first issue of each of these three new titles is now available.
Note that we’ve created new categories for these titles to help you find
what you need.  Be sure to check out the IDW comics sub-menu category
within the GI JOE comics menu category.

Last but not least, the latest issue #166 of the Larry Hama-authored
“A Real American Hero” classic series is also available now.


Great news for all customers!  To make our customer loyalty reward program
more accessible for all customers we’ve decided to dramatically lower the
points threshold that you need to achieve to qualify to use your points.

Previously, you need to earn 50 points before you were eligible to apply
those points to an order.  We have reduced that threshold to just 10!  You
will now be able to use your earned points much more quickly.

This change applies to all points already earned so if you are currently
enrolled in the reward points program be sure to log in to your customer
account to see if you have enough rewards accumulated to use them today!

If you are not already enrolled in the program you can read more about it


Marvel Universe 4″ action figures wave 3 2011 are available for pre-order
by the case, set, and as singles.  We also have listed the Super Hero Team
3-packs including Classic Avengers, X-Force, and Fantastic Four.  All of
these are expected in June.


The Elite Force 1:18 scale modern and historical military line is making
a limited return in 2011.  The first two products are the F-16 (Operation
Enduring Freedom) and the WW2-era German BF-109 (Black Devil of the
Ukraine) as flown by Erich Hartmann.  The F-16 will be available in July,
and the BF-109G in October.

We’ve also been able to obtain a limited supply of the modern-era LAV-25
Marine amphibious vehicle – available now:


We have two new 12″ figures from Soldier Story at the usual ultra-premium
quality – a U.S. WW2 USMC M1917A1 Machine Gunner (Tarawa, 1943) and a
modern U.S. 160th SOAR (Special Operations Aviation Regiment) Night
Stalkers Pilot.

Don’t forget to check out our other categories – we have hundreds of 1:6
scale figures in stock and ready to ship.  Other new items include:

German Supply Duty – 69 Division, Norway 1940:

French Resistance Fighter:

From Dragon Models, StuG Crewman and WH Anti-Tank Gunner:


Assassin’s Creed 4″ action figures are coming in July, be sure to pre-order
yours today to insure order fill.  We also have restock on sets of the
Crysis 2 4″ game characters.


The clearance aisle is a great place to find super-low pricing on items we
want to move out of inventory.  Be sure to check out some great deals on
bulk buys for GI JOE comic books, among others:

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Thanks for reading, and we hope you’ll stop by and check out the site


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