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And by who else but Gyre-Viper?  His new product keeps on flooding in, and hot on the heels of Wave 5, we now get a great look at the two different versions of the SDCC Exclusive Zarana figure!

Stunning.  Truly stunning.  I don’t use that term very often when it comes to 4″ plastic, but I am astounded at how nicely detailed and constructed this figure is.  They took some truly ludicrous design elements from the 80’s and were really able to weave them into a 21st Century aesthetic, and the end result is just amazing.  I can’t wait to get my hands on these.  Yes, they are SDCC Exclusives and will be a bit tougher to get, but I anticipate being able to get these for a decent price either on HTS or once the initial fury dies down.

Check out the thread on JoeDeclassified, and check out a series of images mirrored below.

  • Chad

    I really want the Dreadnok version, but after suffering defeat at the hands of HTS with respect to Sgt. Slaughter (still don’t have that one) I’m not very hopeful of my odds in getting one.

  • I’m actually hoping they do another repaint. Or at least a POC version.

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  • DrSyn

    Oh so much want. Next they should make Jinx.

  • Wow. I didn’t care about this at all until I got a good look at the Cold Slither variant. She’d make a cool goth character. What’s it gonna cost, dare I ask?

  • TwinkViper


    Pink + Grace Slick = Zarana

    I want the variant. But too much money!!!

    I hope they work her into the mainline somehow.

  • TwinkViper

    BTW, her figure is sporting a common unisex hairdo in SF. You see a lot of people lookin like her in La Mission.

    Great job!

  • To quote Horrorshow: UGLY!!!

    Hasbro did a fantastic job sculpting the body but the face… wow… “She’s a man, baby!”

  • I’m still stunned that they managed to avoid working a Springfield joke onto the back of the T-shirt.

  • TwinkViper

    @Fred Meyer.

    Zarana is a tough girl. You aren’t meant to be sexually attracted to her and furthermore, she’s a fictional character and AN ACTION FIGURE. Pink is extremely beautiful, so is Grace Jones.

    When did nerds become the authoritarians on beauty? Seriously, mainstream society did the right thing not gonna letting comic book shop guys and 40 year old virgins determine the beauty aesthetics. I see faces all day and I think although conventional, the inspiration for the figure is beautiful. I wish they would have based the face off of Lady Gaga.

    That being said, she looks like this SF queen:

  • Derrick Lyle

    Please Hasbro, release Zarana in the general line in 2011/2012?!?!

  • teletran

    only thing i dont like are the tattoos (i guess thats what they are) on her head

  • Hawkwinter

    @ teletran – those are markers that did those, they are done to show that this was a testshot or pre-production figure, shown to other employees/managers/whatever. The actual figures won’t have this. It’s the price one pays to get these figures way early.

    This figure is worth whatever the price needs to be. It falls right in with Low Light, Sci-Fi and Airtight as perfect modern era versions of the classics we all love. Great job Hasbro!

  • Carlos

    Hola, honestly, I like much more the classy, cool, rude and modern design Zarana – and still looks like a Dreaknok, a Cobra Agent– from DevilDue (ealy issues, I think are issues 11-13- malfunction

    This figure I don´t like it..sorry…look a homeless lady!