G.I. Joe: Renegades Episode 19 added to Episode Guide

Episode 19, The Anaconda Strain, aired tonight on The Hub, and it was one heck of an awesome fast-paced 30 minutes of television!  Guest stars galore, some great action, and an extremely captivating story.

Even realizing that the end is near, I find myself really enjoying these last few episodes…can’t wait to see how things wrap up.

Check out my Episode Guide, or just click the link below.  Once you’re there, you may want to check out the character menus, too…some new faces there as of tonight!

6 thoughts on “G.I. Joe: Renegades Episode 19 added to Episode Guide

  1. I hate that when they don’t release a preview trailer I always think that there’s no new episode for the week.

    Are they obligated to release these but at the same time trying to make people forget it still airs?

  2. i have a feeling there wont be a ”wrap up” to renegades…not even a cliffhanger of sorts.

    its just going to end, mid story, in a fashion most uncerimonial.

  3. I’m slightly confused here.
    I thought they were just going to put the series on a break until the movie releases then they would use this to generate movie hype or vice versa. I never got the impression they were totally going cancel it completely.

    Can someone point ,me to what was exactly said at the con re. Renegades?

  4. They did say it’s going on hiatus. That’s the official word. The doom and gloom has come from two things. GIJoe fans are very, very cynical and someone at the Con asked if the cartoon would return as Renegades and we got a no guarantee answer. Read into that what you will. A) No comments because it isn’t coming back at all B) No comment because they are waiting to see how it does on re-runs, DVD/Blu-ray sales and toy sales. C) They are leaning towards returning it as the next chapter of GIJoe where the name Renegades doesn’t fit anymore but haven’t worked out details yet.

    It seems in general the Joe community has adopted reasoning A. But who knows really. The GI Joe team is so small compared to a powerhouse like say Star Wars so maybe they just honestly do not have the resources to do everything at once. Maybe it is honestly just a situation of “ok, we have another chance at doing this movie thing, it’s gonna take everything we have to do it right” type of situation.

    A year ago, I would of been proclaiming the doom of Renegades as well. Seeing what we’ve gotten last year, this year and what is still coming, I think Hasbro has a pretty good grip on what we like. I’m actually looking forward to the new movie, and I will be buying LOTS of the Renegades toys.

    After seeing the toys I’ve made sure to watch every episode. Still not really sold on the show (just not my thing) but I do want to support it to get more cool toys.

  5. This was probably one of the best episodes of the show thus far. Good story, excellent action, and very good script, IMO.

  6. 788 stated that he/she wouldn’t be bitching like a pussy on Renegades post anymore… he/she can’t even do that… sad…

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