Pursuit of Cobra Wave 5 Images on JoeDeclassified.com

Been a busy couple of  weeks for Gyre Viper over at JoeDeclassified!  We got Pursuit of Cobra Wave 6 images, then the Skystriker w/ Ace, and now we’ve got Wave 5 of the Pursuit of Cobra figures!

There has been debate online about which wave is better, 5 or 6, and to me its hit or miss, but there are some sure fire winners in both.  Wave 5 gives us an awesome update to the Steel Brigade, a great looking General Hawk, and an impressive looking Cobra Trooper.  Gyre Viper has also graciously allowed me to host these images on GeneralsJoes, so you can either hit up JoeDeclassified or see the mirrored images below.

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  • Personally, this wave’s got it all over the other. That’s mainly because I never got a Blowtorch, admittedly; I can see being annoyed if you’ve got what’s essentially the same figure already sitting on your shelf.

    But Blowtorch, Hawk, and especially the Steel Brigade make this for me. The Trooper is a nice update, and Cobra Commander is going to make a really great, if slim, Miles Mayhem to display next to Trakker.

  • Yeah, this wave rocks! I wish I was made of money and could army build the hell out of those Steel Brigade and Trooper figs. Guess I’ll just stop eating lunch. Should be fine…

  • DrSyn

    Now I am glad I ordered a whole case of this wave, not a dud in it.

    Cobra Trooper looks great (the sum of all parts), CC has those dapper suit trousers and shoes, another BAT is never a bad thing and Blowtorch… Porkchop-sandwiches!

    Hawk and the Steelbrigade trooper look fantastic, maybe the highlights of the wave.

  • m6d

    not going to rebuild my Viper and Trooper armies… not going to rebuild my Viper and Trooper armies… not going to rebuild my Viper and Trooper armies… not going to rebuild my Viper and Trooper armies… not going to rebuild my Viper and Trooper armies… not going to rebuild my Viper and Trooper armies… not going to rebuild my Viper and Trooper armies…

  • Twink Viper

    The only one I am getting is Steel Brigade. The rest are blah. Total crap wave of stuff we didn’t get in 25th.

    Buy less toys, you’ll be more happy.

  • Twink Viper

    I am using my steel brigade as Daniel Steele..a gay adult film star who enlisted in gi joe. He is Hawk’s power bottom b/f. That way I can only justify buying one figure.

  • Hawkwinter

    Can’t say I like Cobra Commander much, especially don’t like cloth cape.

    I’ll say this, go out and grab that Blowtorch and keep one MOC, he’s gonna be rare as they are changing him to the green version.

    Man, that Cobra Soldier is starting to look so good. I already have so freakin many of all the 25th versions…..but maybe just a dozen or so…… hate how Hasbro can get me to basically buy the exact same figure over and over again.

    Biggest disapointment is the Steel Brigade. But only beccause after seeing the images of the Steel Brigade Delta that comes with the 30th VAMP Mk II makes this one look like crap in comparsion. On the other hand the Delta version fits so perfectly with te new Hawk I would of been army building that one as well. So actually, thanks Hasbro :)

  • Hawkwinter

    @ Twink Viper

    If you’re not liking toys anymore, more power to ya, save your money and move on, but why all the negative comments about toy collecting? Believe me, everything in my life comes before my toy collecting, this is just to relax and have some fun, I’m sure it’s that way for most of us. Sorry if I’m sticking my nose where it doesn’t belong but you are posting on a public forum and it’s hard not to think something else has gotten you down.

  • Twink Viper

    Nothing else has got me down, at all. I just think because I am farther away from this stuff now, I see how other people view it.

    I just think it’s lame we got this figures in 25th and the collector mentality(specifically planned obsolescence) has made collectors buy the same figure over and over again.

    I said the steel brigade figure was nice and am gonna purchase the croc master variant. But selling off so much stuff has definitely changed how I viewed the collector community at large.

    And I am always moody…always.

  • Twink Viper


    GI JOE fans always stick their nose where it doesn’t belong. Always and that infuriates me. Mind your business and collect your toys..

  • By posting in the comments section of a Joe website or on a Joe forum you’re making this a part of your life, in my opinion. And the sign of a good community is caring about what others think, and by extension caring about others. But if you don’t want people involved in what you’re doing than just be a lurker.

  • m6d

    “he’s gonna be rare as they are changing him to the green version.”

    This will actually put Blowtorch on my buy list.

    Wish they were going with a TNT paint scheme as well.

  • @Hawkwinter

    I appreciate that you reached out to Twink, and that’s what I think it was…genuine empathy. I think we actually need more of that in general. As for Twink, why do you wanna slap Hawkwinter in the face for it? You’re a pretty outspoken poster, offering up a LOT about your personality in your posts. And when someone reacts, you want them to keep to themselves? If you feel that way, then maybe try taking your own advice… “Mind your business and collect your toys” Or don’t collect them. That’s, of course, OK too. And I’m not saying “get lost”, but rather enjoy the community for the community that it is.


  • Twink Viper

    No response to either of you. When is the Croc Master variant due out?

  • Seems like it’ll be similar to the black HISS running change. We’ll see it when we see it, I imagine.

  • Twink Viper

    I want that so bad. since I can use him as a new character… I do like Croc Master. But they should have made the running changes the current repaints instead of lame rehashes. Hasbro needs to give us something new, instead of something borrowed, Cobra is already blue.

  • jeffmace

    twinkviper is obviously a troll. ignore his ridiculous ass. as for wave 5, there are some definite winners, but I can’t help feeling manipulated by slightly different figures. the old hasbro system of the 80’s was flawed, but at least we got new figures every year. The BAT is very cool and a simple thing like a bandolier really madea difference.