GeneralsJoes wraps up reviews of Pursuit of Cobra Wave 6

Folks might accuse me of saving the best for last with this batch of reviews…  and they would be right.  While the three reviews posted yesterday were largely ambivilent, that does not mean that this entire wave is muddled in mediocrity.  In fact, one of the figures in this wave impressed me so much and so surprisingly, that I’ve found myself much more drawn to this character than I ever have been in the past.

Combine that with a pair of really impressive army builders and you have a wave that might have some duds, but also has some figures definitely worth adding to your Pursuit of Cobra collection.  Check out my Pursuit of Cobra Review Page, or just click the links below to go there directly.

13 thoughts on “GeneralsJoes wraps up reviews of Pursuit of Cobra Wave 6

  1. I love that we can see your reflection in the Viper’s mask. I can’t understand the dislike for the Viper either, I think he looks great!

    The Iron Grenadier looks good even without the vest…interesting. A little bit of paint and you could have a “light” version of the IG to go with the “heavies.”

  2. Still not too Crazu about Mr Legs. However I’ve totally warmed up to the Viper (I do however adore the 25th Viper, bent wrists and all).

    IGs are also good, no matter how you slice it.

  3. Looks like I picked the right figure of this wave to pick up. :) Although I wasn’t clamouring for Crazylegs, I’d say that he was probably in my top 5 so, yes, blame me. I think the old-school machine gun is very appropriate – it looks like the type of collapsible weapon that you’d associate with a gear-and-weight-light paratrooper.

    I do kinda wish they’d traded in the red for a more appropriate paratrooper colour, though. Too bad blue = evil in the Joeverse.

    I might grab a Viper or two if I see them in the stores, but I’ve already got too many of the damned things (albeit not in the classic colours – damned BBTS deep discount on the Arctic packs making them so tempting!)

  4. Hey Justin, I’ve seen pictures that the IG’s second backpack is supposed to go underneath the steady-cam gun, to use as a magazine. Great reviews, as always.

  5. I like the IG. But do I really need it?

    The viper and crazy legs suck. Just more rehashes.

  6. Rehashes are fine if they are sufficiently different. IG really isn’t, which is why it’s a total pass for me, and the Vipers just aren’t improved enough. Crazylegs, though… you have to be rather obsessive to pick up on just how big a rehash he is, and his most obvious element (the Sandstorm head) may not even be something you use in displays.

    Also, looking at that 1987 picture in the Crazylegs review… you’d better believe that I’m taking one of my new General Hawks and turning him into a Falcon revision. Gods, that thing just looks ugly.

  7. I’m not overly impressed with any of the figures from this wave, but I do want a Crazylegs just because he has always been one of my favorites. (His rifle is still one of my favorite vintage accessories.) The figure is nice, but I definitely wish he had something unique about him considering that everything else is a rehash. I actually think he would have looked much better with Airborne’s helmet rather than Ripcord/Altitude’s.

    Rock Viper isn’t too bad. I guess the spear was included so there would be something to fit in the sheathe in the climbing gear.

  8. Have to say that the rehashing of body parts is a bit more distracting than I hoped in this wave, and for me, some of it prevents the figures from being 5-Stars.
    Viper looks Awesome, but I’m sad to lose the red gloves and pants trim, and there’s no reason for it after the shiny faceplate and red trimmed vest. Iron Grenadier looks good for Destro’s army, but I rather want his gun for the ROC TRU 5-pack Repeater figure. Crazylegs is a great update… except for those huge snowboots. Why didn’t they use the Arctic Tele Viper legs to be more accurate? Croc Master… too yellow, will wait for Python variant. Rock Viper would be lovely, but for my hate for those loud arm & shin guards.
    Well, even after the nitpicks, some of these are worth picking up. ;)

  9. You know…..Hasbro didn’t do themselves any favors with Crazy Legs. The con pics made him look all goofy, then they posed him in a very ….unflaterring ….pose in the package but this figure is actually pretty decent. That gun rocks!. I can’t see him as a 5 star figure mainly because the head is a 25th throwback. The weird, sort of life sucks type look on his very puffy looking face just doesn’t hold up that well. Compared to the sheer perfection of Low Light I find it hard to place this figure in that same category. However, thinking originally that this figure would suck and after reading three reviews that stated just that, I found him to be a pleasant surprise as well.

    Viper is out of this world awesome. Anyone who’s passing on this figure, just buy one. After you have it in hand you’ll love it. Yeah, I wish the arm guards were there as well, but compared to the gimped wrists of the 25th single carded release, that’s a small complaint.

    Still can’t see Iron Grenadier as a ….well…Iron Grenadier but it sure is a cool figure that fits VERY well with wave 4 Destro.

    So far, I’m very happy to have been proven wrong on many of my assumptions based on early views of this wave.

  10. Enjoyed the reviews. Like GigaMach mentioned, can’t wait for the reviews of the Convention set!

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