Loads of Scoop’s Dark Room updates at The Terror Drome

The folks over at the Terror Drome have been keeping hopping over the last few days!  With the recent release of Waves 5 & 6 of G.I. Joe: The Pursuit of Cobra figures, they have been posting frequent updates to their Scoop’s Dark Room photo archive.

Some of the highlights are:

There are a bunch more images that I didn’t mirror here, and more in the hopper ready to go, so keep your eyes peeled over there!

GeneralsJoes Exclusive – A first look at the upcoming Cobra Black Dragon!

G.I. Joe fans who follow me on Twitter or who are subscribed to my YouTube Channel already knew this was coming, but time to let the cat out of the bag for the rest of you.  A few days ago I received a package I had been anticipating for a while now…something I was waiting for excitedly.  Something I can now share with the G.I. Joe community.

I’ve been doing reviews for a long time, and while I get them posted as soon as humanly possible, I don’t often get into the whole pre-production thing.  Well, when I got the opportunity to get this in my hands early, I couldn’t help but jump on it.  Being the crazed G.I. Joe: Renegades fan that I am, and being exceedingly excited for the upcoming Black Dragon, I’m psyched to be able to share my thoughts well before the intended August release date.

Keep in mind that this is a pre-production item, so certain things may change between now and release, but by and large I expect it to stay pretty close to what you see here.

So, without further adu…here is the first hands-on look at the upcoming Black Dragon Bravo series Helicopter!  You can check out the full review at the new 2011 G.I. Joe Review Page, or find it directly at the link below.  Enjoy!

Along with the regular review, I also went against my own better judgement and did up a quick video review as well.  Check it out if you are so inclined…please don’t judge me.  :shifty:

Latest TS118 Project includes mind-blowing Iron Grenadier Army!

I always love getting these emails in my inbox.  As many of you know by now, there is a strong G.I. Joe fan presence in the Philippines and they make themselves known during various mall shows and toy conventions when they take out all the stops and display their amazing collections and diorama talents.  May 21-22, there was one of these shows at Robinson’s Place Manila Mall (in the Philippines) in celebration of TAGCOM 2011, organized by Hobbiworx and PinoyToyKolektors (PTK).

As we’ve come to expect TS118 was there in force, displaying an awesome Iron Grenadier army, complete with Castle Destro diorama!  Check out the details and the image gallery below, I think you’ll love it as much as I do.  If you like what you see, definitely check out the TS118 Forums or the TS118 Blog to stay tuned in to what they’re doing next.

– Inspired by Castle Destro in GI Joe #21 (1984) – Silent Interlude

– Main theme is Destro and his Iron Grenadier army in his Castle stronghold

– Displayed last weekend May 21-22, 2011 at the Robinson’s Place Manila Mall (Philippines) in celebration of TAGCOM 2011, organized by Hobbiworx and PinoyToyKolektors (PTK).

– Brought to you by the same team that came up with O: Shock and Awe, O: Killzone, O: Forced Entry, O: Gothic Serpent, O: Sidewinder Verde, O: Grayia Seize-r, O: Ivory Blanket, O: Snake Rising …the Philippines only local 3 3/4 (1:18) Joe online community..TS118

– Used space was only 6 feet by 5 feet (2 tables)

– This diorama changes display twice per day (total of 4 set-ups over the weekend). This style is the first of its kind in the Philippines for action figures (regardless of scale). We dubbed it as a “dynamic modular diorama” or DMD. In this case, it is called Dynamic Modular Destro-rama.

– Took 5 weekends of preparation and actual dio-work to complete (figures/structures/vehicles). Mostly done on Saturdays only.

– Collaboration done by at least 15 members (builders, pledgers/financiers, consultants, etc.).

– The Castle itself is more than 6 feet tall when mounted on a table top, and features a castle keep, a main hall and underground sections.

– Featured GI Joe customs in 25A body constructions (The Plague, Voltar, Metalhead, Mistress Armada, Alexander Destro, General Mayhem, among others) plus hidden mickeys (Deadpool/Udon Taskmaster, etc).

G.I. Joe: Renegades and 30th Anniversary Review Page


Wave 1

Wave 2
Wave 3
Wave 4


Bravo Class – Wave 1

Echo Class
Dollar Store Exclusives
Amazon G.I. Joe: Renegades
San Diego ComicCon
Slaughter’s Marauders

Never Forget

As collectors get absorbed in the latest information and details about their favorite 4″ action figure toy line, it is easy to forget who the Real American Heroes really are.  In real life, there is no Snake Eyes…no Duke or Storm Shadow.  There are only real men and women like you and me who have consciously made a decision to risk their own lives to defend our very freedom.  The sad fact is, way too many of them never come home.

Instead of devoting today to remembering them, make a promise.  Remember them every day.  Don’t wait until the last Monday in May.  Frankly, they all deserve better.

Never forget.

Thoughts and prayers go out from GeneralsJoes to everyone serving their country today, everyone who has served their country in the past, and all of those who will bravely elect to do it in the future.  Special thoughts go out to those many men and women who never returned.

Thank you all for everything you do.  I will never forget.

Win your very own copy of the RAHC Guide!

Well, today is RAHC Guide author James Kavanaugh Jr’s birthday, but he’s decided to give someone else a present!

Working hand-in-hand with GeneralsJoes, he is offering one lucky GeneralsJoes reader a chance to win their very own copy of the RAHC Guide!  As most folks know by now, the RAHC Guide covers the G.I. Joe action figure line during the years of 1997 – 2007 and reveals an astounding amount of product within that time frame.  For the full details on this great book, check out my review right here.

Anyway…winning a copy of the book is easy.  Between today and 11:59pm next Saturday night, simply post a comment in this thread stating what your favorite G.I. Joe related birthday memory is!  If you don’t have one, make one up, we won’t judge.  ;)

At the end of the contest next Saturday, all names will go in a hat and we will draw the lucky winner who will receive a copy of the RAHC Guide free of charge!!

Comments can be posted right in this thread.  If you don’t see your comment right away, do not worry…WordPress has a flukey spam filter, but rest assured I will make sure I stay on top of every comment that comes through next week.  You’ve heard the stories…you’ve read the review…  now own the book for FREE!

News Update from SmallJoes.Com – Wave 5 now in stock!

* * * * * * * * * [ SMALLJOES.COM NEWSLETTER ] * * * * * * * * * *


Hi folks, we wanted to tell you about some new and pre-order products
as well as some other important news updates for SMALLJOES.COM.


The Pursuit of Cobra wave 5 figure assortment has arrived!  This set
includes Cobra Trooper, Cobra Commander, Blowtorch, Jungle B.A.T.,
General Hawk, and Steel Brigade Trooper.  You can find them listed here:


Pre-orders for the upcoming GI JOE Skystriker w/ Ace, Black Dragon VTOL
w/ Cobra Air Trooper, and VAMP jeep will be listed on June 1st so be
sure to check back with us then.


We’ve listed a whole bunch of new GI JOE comic books!  IDW has changed
the GI JOE ongoing series line-up a bit.  Beginning with the Cobra Civil
War storyline we’ll have three ongoing titles: GI JOE, COBRA, and SNAKE-
EYES.  The first issue of each of these three new titles is now available.
Note that we’ve created new categories for these titles to help you find
what you need.  Be sure to check out the IDW comics sub-menu category
within the GI JOE comics menu category.

Last but not least, the latest issue #166 of the Larry Hama-authored
“A Real American Hero” classic series is also available now.



Great news for all customers!  To make our customer loyalty reward program
more accessible for all customers we’ve decided to dramatically lower the
points threshold that you need to achieve to qualify to use your points.

Previously, you need to earn 50 points before you were eligible to apply
those points to an order.  We have reduced that threshold to just 10!  You
will now be able to use your earned points much more quickly.

This change applies to all points already earned so if you are currently
enrolled in the reward points program be sure to log in to your customer
account to see if you have enough rewards accumulated to use them today!

If you are not already enrolled in the program you can read more about it


Continue reading

If you squint really hard, you can almost see Python Patrol Croc Master

Better images will be available to subscribers of the G.I. Joe Collectors’ Club newsletter in the coming days or weeks, but for now you can hit up GIJoeClub.com to see a very small image of the upcoming Python Patrol Croc Master running change.

You can see the thumbnail below, where he looks to have a red vest and the black and gray Python Patrol camouflage on his legs.  Kind of odd how they went with the red for him when they did the traditional colors on everyone else, but it’s still a cool look.  Keep your eyes on your mailboxes in the coming weeks for better images.

Latest episode of What’s on Joe Mind posted!

When I first heard podcast show runner Greg was going to be absent last night, I was a bit concerned. The phrase “train wreck” came to mind. Well, the end result wasn’t quite a train wreck, but it was a very long, rambling discussion about issues like the Collectors’ Club subscription figures, the current state of the IDW comics, Chuck and Mike’s bizarre love of the Sunbow cartoon, and Mike’s infuriating low-volume microphone.

Check it out at What’s on Joe Mind’s Podbean site, or subscribe on iTunes.  You can also hit up the embedded player below:


Important item of note – Over the next week or two, we will be collecting questions to pose to the fine folks at Molten Monkey International who will be stopping by the Podcast to talk about SK Omega and what the future holds for that line!  Email us at whatsonjoemind@gmail.com, or just drop some questions in the Comments here at GeneralsJoes and we’ll pass those questions along to them.

Enjoy the podcast, and as always, we appreciate any and all feedback.

Awesome Hasbro product sale at Entertainment Earth

Shame on me for not announcing this earlier, but Entertainment Earth has been running an awesome sale on Hasbro action figure product in their online store.  Currently, if you buy a single Hasbro action figure product, you get a second one at 40% off!  That includes single figures, sets, cases…the whole nine yards!

It’s a great sale, and one you should take advantage of, especially since it ends tomorrow.  Click the banner below to get in on the action.

 Entertainment Earth