Sideshow Collectibles reveals Arashikage Temple environment!

This one came out of nowhere!  Nobody can accuse Sideshow of not trying to do the most with the G.I. Joe license…hot on the heels of the very cool looking Pitt Command Center, we now have the Arashikage Temple Environment for your favorite 12″ Ninja figures!

The Production Blog due to be posted May 3rd will have more information and images, with pre-orders launching two days later on May 5th!  Check out a teaser image of the environment below.

One thought on “Sideshow Collectibles reveals Arashikage Temple environment!

  1. I love the look of this diorama set. My Red Ninja looks out of place with the rest of the Cobras and even Storm Shadow looks a bit off next to Cobra Commander on his throne. With the SDCC Ninja Viper I’ll now have a good reason to pick this up for display.

    Damn you Sideshow with your cool stuff I have to have!!!

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