Sideshow Collectibles Desert Sniper up for pre-order

Somehow this floated under the radar…at least I haven’t seen anyone mention it (with the exception of Mysterious Stranger, who tossed me a reminder).  The latest Sideshow Collectible 12″ figure, the Desert Sniper is now up for pre-order.

Click the banner below to add him to your Cobra ranks!

Cobra Desert Ops Trooper: Sniper 12-inch Figure

6 thoughts on “Sideshow Collectibles Desert Sniper up for pre-order

  1. I picked one up to go with the Desert Trooper. Now the question becomes do I get the desert environment to display them with? I’m out of space in my Detolf with what I have now and they just keep one making more cool stuff.

  2. Nope, that was the Desert Trooper. This is the Sniper with the Dragonov rifle.

  3. This figure was availble back in November- there is NO regular Desert Cobra Trooper- there is only the Sniper. I talked with reps today to confirm. There is currently only the Desert Sniper and Dusty.

  4. Well shit! I just checked my orders and the newsletter from November and you’re right! I could swear the original preorder in November was for the trooper. I have no idea why they announced the preorder twice. Maybe I’ll shoot them an email to get to the bottom of this.

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