Gyre Viper launches onslaught of Skystriker Images!

Without a doubt one of the most hotly anticipated releases in recent memory is the upcoming Skystriker.  And, as we should come to expect, Gyre-Viper got his hands on one and has posted a plethora of images over on

Being the kind of guy he is, he’s also let me mirror them here on GeneralsJoes.  And let me just say…  ROCK.

Yeah, this thing looks impressive.  It’s got the size and the scale of the original, but with a healthy dose of retooled parts.  That cockpit looks freaking awesome with all of the updated controls, and I love the fact that we’re getting the black tailfins like the Sunbow model.

And maybe I’m in the minority, but I’m in love with that Ace, too!  I’m a big fan of the Skydive tooling, and with that vest and awesome helmet?  Great looking figure.  This will be a set to get your hands on.  Check out the JoeDeclassified thread here, and the images hosted below.

10 thoughts on “Gyre Viper launches onslaught of Skystriker Images!

  1. Gyre, your photos are looking tons better! I know a lot of guys gave you grief for them before, but I don’t think anyone can say anything about this batch. Very cool, thanks for sharing ’em.

  2. thanks frogger. coming from you that means a lot. heheheh. to be completely honest… taking pics of unpainted/un-decal’ed test shots is kinda… dry. and not as fun. so I did my best with this one.

  3. Sorry guys, but unfortunately I plan on buying several… and by several I mean ‘don’t expect any on the shelves.’

  4. Thanks for the pics! I’m really digging it. Having said that, though, I really wish the wings were not connected to the landing gear. I know the idea is that it’s supposed to be faithful to the original, but that’s always bugged me about the old one, too. I’ll probably only buy six of them, now. : )

  5. Definitely a huge piece of crap.

    I’ll be saving my money. Enjoy your hoard spree hoarders!

  6. I was joking. Between GI Joe and everything else I like to collect (and can barely afford, I might add.) I’ll be lucky if I have room for one.

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