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And we’ve got more exclusives artwork!  With the Canadian JoeCon coming up quick, we’re starting to get some looks at the characters that are going to be in the set, including the “Coyote Trooper” and we’re getting TWO of him!  Yes, multiple troop builders for the first time in a Canadian JoeCon set!

You can actually take a peek at the Coyote Trooper on the frontpage of, but there’s a much better image and more details (about him and… Valkyrie!) inside the newsletter itself.  Also announced is that the ever popular and famous Ron Rudat will be a guest at the convention!  He’ll be there to talk about his experience with old school G.I. Joe, and his brand new G.I. Joe themed documentary that he and his son Tristan have just about completed.

Also coming this week is a Canadian JoeCon Pre-Registration site!  That’s right, 25 members will be able to register to attend the Convention ahead of time and have their boxed set held for them prior to the con.  You’ll also be able to buy the comic, trading cards, and much more.

So, a lot happening North of the border!  As always hit up for the details, and keep your eyes on CanadianJoeCon.Com, too.  Grab the latest copy of the newsletter right here.

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