G.I. Joe: Renegades Episode 17 “Castle: Destro” added to Episode Guide

You know, I was wondering with preparations for Easter whether or not I’d be able to get this done tonight.  Turns out I got it done in record time!  Episode 17, Castle Destro has been added to the G.I. Joe: Renegades Episode Guide and it’s a doozy!

One of the best episodes we’ve seen in a while, it features Destro in all of his iron masked glory, tons of firefight action and some great character building.  Check out the episode guide here, or just hit the link below to go direct!

  • Lt Storm

    This was a good episode, having Destro woo Baroness, just don’t like Destro’s mask and how does he brush his teeth his breath must be rank. We know how he eats, he made a straw comment to Baroness. Scarlett is really starting to get on my nerves.

  • Andrew Hall

    Great episode from a show that I’ve generally disliked from the start. It was great to see the POC HISS, and BATs. A much needed change from the Jello-Vipers. My only complaint is that the BATs had no resemblance to any of the countless incarnations of the Android Troopers. Why are the creators so bound and determined to do EVERYTHING differently from ARAH?

  • craig

    I know this is probably not the place to say this but I liked shipwreck being in this episode again. I love this show but the cobra guys get repeat spots but its like…hey here’s timber, snowjob, steeler, etc. but they get an intro and then the next episode its like they weren’t even there. I’m hoping that if it gets picked up for a second season that these guys are included more.

  • Jackson

    Scarlett is for once a tough woman and not some idiot like in other GI Joe catoons.

    He can take parts of the mask off Lt Storm… DUH!

    “Why are the creators so bound and determined to do EVERYTHING differently from ARAH?”

    What’s that the filmmakers did…. where’s your little bitching about that??????