Sideshow Collectibles SDCC Exclusive “Ninja Viper” revealed


Well, that’s certainly an interesting choice.  Sideshow Collectibles revealed all of their SDCC Exclusives via their Twitter Page today, and among them is a G.I. Joe “Ninja Viper”, who is a familiar character to G.I. Joe fans.  He first appeared as a 1992 Mailaway as a repainted Storm Shadow in an obnoxious teal uniform, and was also re-released in the same shade under the Valor Vs. Venom moniker.  Lastly, he was also released in the 25th Anniversary line as well.

Sideshow Collectibles is taking the idea and bringing it back down to Earth a little bit, giving us a Red Ninja re-release, only in a more woodland green uniform.  While not the bright teal that we’ve seen in the past, the green colors and the name are obviously a throwback to the original.  I’m not certain this is a character that many fans will gravitate to, but an interesting choice, none the less.  Priority Pre-Orders for these limited exclusives (for SDCC Attendees only) begin on May 19th at 10:00am Pacific time.  If you are NOT attending SDCC, you can have the Priority Pre-Order May 20th at 10:00am Pacific.

You can see the full list of exclusives right here (and get pre-order information), and I’ve mirrored a Ninja Viper photo below.

  • 788 Vs. Your name here

    sideshow might be counting on completists for this one.

  • Come on, give me Torpedo or Snow Job.

  • Mysterious Stranger

    I’ll be down for one of these. Heck, I might even be tempted to get two and make a custom Kamakura out of one of them.

  • notpicard

    Kamakura would be a great reuse of this figure. But as an update to Ninja-Viper I’m not into it. I could really see an “update” using this exact look but with the same blue on 82 Cobra trooper. But this looks like a case when they seek to update a character while retaining only what is most important. But this one has strayed too far from source material.