G.I. Joe: Pursuit of Cobra Wave 6 on JoeDeclassified.com!

Well, what do you know?

It feels like forever, but G.I. Joe fanatic Gyre Viper has gotten his hands on some more early samples for our viewing pleasure!  A short while ago it was revealed that certain Asian eBayers were selling some of the latest wave of Pursuit of Cobra figures early…and now we see the end results!

Some very cool details revealed here…  I’m finding myself falling more and more in love with this new Cobra Viper.  What an awesome update.  Crazylegs using Sandstorm’s head was something I guess I hadn’t realized until now…and I love all those extra Snake Eyes heads!  I would assume we’ll start seeing Wave 5 stuff shortly as well, since this is technically Wave 6 product here.  Both waves must be imminent.

These images represent some of the first time we’re seeing good pictures of the final samples in hand.  Great stuff, and as always a huge thanks to Gyre Viper for snagging these and taking the pics!  Check out some of the mirrored images below, and hit up JoeDeclassified.com to see more!

Links to the individual threads on JoeDeclassified can be clicked below!

GeneralsJoes Reviews G.I. Joe: Rise of Cobra Dragonhawk

I’ve been sitting on this vehicle for a while, really trying to figure out what I thought about it and where I’d take the review…should I overlook the size issues and just focus on the design and aesthetics?  That was my initial plan, but I finally decided that the size issues are just too…well… “big” to overlook.

So what’s the end result?  Check out the Rise of Cobra Review Page or simply hit up the link below to see what I think.

Hasbro G.I. Joe Q & A Answers delayed

Initially we were slated to receive answers for the latest Q & A’s tomorrow, but we received notice from Hunter PR that unfortunately the answers will not be coming in until some time next week.  Stay tuned, and GeneralsJoes will be sure to be right on it when they do start coming in.

Hasbro profits fall 71%… everybody panic!

No, not really.

Yes, Hasbro profits are down 71% in the first quarter, but this should hardly come as a surprise.  Hasbro invested a metric ton of capital to launch The Hub late last year, and this is all pure expense that has yet to be realized as they had to actually hire staff for the studio, and essentially launch the entire television network.  No you should not be worried.

Let’s look at this carefully.  Hasbro profits were down 71%.  Does this mean they lost money?  No.  It means their profit in the first quarter was down 71%.  They still made over $17 million in profit, in spite of funding an entirely new television station.

Not only that, but consider that throughout the rest of the year, we’ve got Transformers 3, Thor, and Captain America films, all with their requisite Hasbro toys.  Also add in the fact that Quarter 1 is a notoriously slow time of year for toys, as it is a direct follow up from the holiday season.

And yet, through all of this, even with dramatic downturns in most toy sales, Boys Toys actually still went up 25%.

Is this news?  Yeah.  Is it the end of the world?  Not by a long shot.

Episode description for G.I. Joe: Renegades Episode 19

G.I. Joe: Renegades continues to plug along, with new episodes beginning this Saturday at 7:30pm!  TVGuide.com has stayed right on top of things as well, and we have an episode description for the upcoming 19th episode, “The Anaconda Strain”.

“The Joes uncover a deadly virus while searching for a missing scientist and learn of Cobra’s plan to profit from the sale of its antidote.”

Rumor has it we may see Airtight appear in this episode, and it certainly sounds like something right up his alley.  The episode is currently slated to air Saturday, May 7th at 7:30pm Eastern.

Sideshow Collectibles SDCC Exclusive “Ninja Viper” revealed


Well, that’s certainly an interesting choice.  Sideshow Collectibles revealed all of their SDCC Exclusives via their Twitter Page today, and among them is a G.I. Joe “Ninja Viper”, who is a familiar character to G.I. Joe fans.  He first appeared as a 1992 Mailaway as a repainted Storm Shadow in an obnoxious teal uniform, and was also re-released in the same shade under the Valor Vs. Venom moniker.  Lastly, he was also released in the 25th Anniversary line as well.

Sideshow Collectibles is taking the idea and bringing it back down to Earth a little bit, giving us a Red Ninja re-release, only in a more woodland green uniform.  While not the bright teal that we’ve seen in the past, the green colors and the name are obviously a throwback to the original.  I’m not certain this is a character that many fans will gravitate to, but an interesting choice, none the less.  Priority Pre-Orders for these limited exclusives (for SDCC Attendees only) begin on May 19th at 10:00am Pacific time.  If you are NOT attending SDCC, you can have the Priority Pre-Order May 20th at 10:00am Pacific.

You can see the full list of exclusives right here (and get pre-order information), and I’ve mirrored a Ninja Viper photo below.

Jon Chu talks about a “Down and Dirty” G.I. Joe sequel

I haven’t been shy about lofting complaints towards Paramount’s choice of directors for the G.I. Joe sequel, but leading up to production, Jon Chu is certainly saying the right things.  He’s already gone on record with proclaiming his life long love of the G.I. Joe brand, even reciting some lyrics from the DiC era of G.I. Joe animation.

Now he’s spoken with Deadbolt.com and made some references to the original G.I. Joe film, and how it was more of a traditional action movie, and he’s looking for something a bit more elaborate:

“…not just another action movie. Maybe the first one was that, but we’re really trying to break it down and take the shine off and show that my Joes were the ones in the mud, the sand and the trees and in the epic worldwide adventures. Each one had individual talents. So we really want to bring the experience of what I grew up with playing with these toys. What it feels like so that kids now can be reintroduced to the Joes and experience it in a different way. This is like down and dirty Joe for me.”

I really like that line of thinking.  In the end, it’s just talk, and we’ll have to judge the product on its own merits, but I love the idea of a less spit-and-polished action movie and something more real world and a bit grittier.  I don’t think they should take that too far, but I do think the first one could have used more of those elements.

Deadbolt isn’t the only place Chu made some recent comments.  He also spoke to Box Office Magazine and had some very insightful comments about the film there.  Of course he states repeatedly that he’s been G.I. Joe fan, and I would fully expect most directors saying that in their advanced interviews, but what I love most about his comments are how he talks about G.I. Joe’s “soul”.  I love that.  I’ve always emphasized that there is a specific “spirit” that G.I. Joe has as a brand, which is something that sometimes doesn’t get captured.  I do think the first film had some of the fun, flashy spirit that made G.I. Joe cool in the 80’s, but I know many fans would argue that fact.    My favorite quote comes at the end of the article, where he states the following:

“Whatever people think about my filmmaking, to me I feel like one of the most important things for any project is that the filmmaker cares about it, and that they understand what the soul of what the audience wants from that movie or what they need from that movie to fully [enjoy it]. And Joe I know. With Joe, I know exactly the movie that my friends would want to go and see. And I actually want also open it up to the fans out there and know, who are your favorite characters—who are the characters that you’d want in this movie, and we’ll find a way to try to get it in there. And there may be a better idea that they have than we can ever came up with, and we’ll suddenly be changing the script for that. Joe is much bigger than me – it’s much bigger than a movie even, it’s about a bunch of different generations—and that’s a cool thing.”

Now don’t get me wrong, I doubt that Paramount will really let him “open it up to the fans” but he seems to have the right energy and the right feeling.  He seems to grasp and appreciate the relevance and importance of the Joe brand much more than Sommers did.  I’ve been plenty critical of Chu’s name being attached to this project from day one, but I have to give him credit for starting off on the right foot.

Time will tell.

Updates coming tonight

Just wanted to let everyone know that I’ll be getting some content up tonight.  While I’ve had fun and made some great connections on my trip to KC, I’ve been way too busy for web stuff.

That should change tonight as sessions wrap early and I get ready for my return flight home.

Thanks for sticking with me.