Ordering information for the RAHC Guide!

As promised, the RAHC Guide made its auspicious debut at JoeCon 2011, and now orders are ready to be fulfilled.  We just received the following message from James, the author and publisher of the excellent RAHC Guide:

“Hi gang, the moment is finally here! I’m not going to set up a fancy lil
e-mail, just type out the bare basics so please visit www.rahcguide.com to
catch up on all the fan reviews of the R.A.H.C. Guide on your favorite
message boards!! With that being said, the cost of the book is $40 with $5
shipping and handling. Payment can be paypalled via kuukuuson@hotmail.com.
You may send the payment as a gift but if you choose not to, please allow
paypal to adjust your payment to accomodate paypal fees. Orders will be
held until total payment is made and you will be notified of any additional
costs. When you send your paypal payment, please include your address and
any specific information for your order in the paypal notification as that
is how I will be keeping track of your order. I will copy and paste the
address so please make sure it’s correct. I will gladly entertain
international orders so please contact me here (rahc.guide@gmail.com) so I
can look into how much shipping is to your location.

I am very excited to provide this book for you and can’t wait to hear your
response! Please remember that not only is this guide self published in
limited quantities, it is being processed and shipped by myself and might
take some time. Thank you in advance for your patience and understanding!


James “KuuKuuSon” Kavanaugh Jr.”

Here at GeneralsJoes, I reviewed the book shortly before the convention, and no Joe collector should be without it, especially if you’re a fan of the 2000 – 2007 era.  Awesome, AWESOME stuff within.

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