IDW’s “Tales from the Cobra Wars” available this week

We’re all used to IDW telling the G.I. Joe vs. Cobra story in comic book form, however this week, they are releasing “Tales from the Cobra Wars”, which is an anthology series of short stories, all prose based.  That’s right, kids, no pictures!

Despite movie adaptations, G.I. Joe isn’t known for its extensive prose history, so I’m pretty excited to read this.

You can check out a link to the book here on, and if you have the G.I. Joe: Cobra Special #2, there was an excerpt there as well.  Some very popular modern authors are lending their talents to this book, its something I’d really like to check out.

4 thoughts on “IDW’s “Tales from the Cobra Wars” available this week

  1. I got mine yesterday through Diamond. I made it through the first two stories(Snake Eyes by Chuck Dixon and Flint and Steel by Jonathan Mayberry). So far I have enjoyed it.

  2. I’ve now finished reading the first two stories and so far this is holding up well. With luck the sales will be strong enough that IDW will release a second volume.

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