We now return you to your regularly scheduled depressing G.I. Joe movie news

Just in case the awesome showcase of fantastic toys had you in a high place all weekend, a couple more tidbits of information about the G.I. Joe film will bring you right back down to rock bottom.

First and probably most importantly, not only is G.I. Joe 2 powerful enough to catapult a music video director into action director status, but apparently the splashback from that is even powerful enough to sever Lorenzo Di Bonaventura’s eight year relationship with Paramount.  Apparently disagreeing with Paramount’s decision to put John Chu in the director’s chair, Di Bonaventura  may be halting his work with Paramount in general.  Sounds like the sequel is off to a great start.

Well… I’m being overdramatic.  It may mean nothing, but it just struck me as funny that it doesn’t seem like it’s possible to go more than a few straight days with positive buzz in the Joe community.  A cartoon’s gotta get canceled, and crappy articles about the movie sequel have to come out.  Such is the way of a G.I. Joe fan in a Transformers and Star Wars driven world.

Another tidbit above and beyond the Di Bonaventura intel is that supposedly there is a casting call out there, according to Moviehole, looking for a specific G.I. Joe character!

Is it Flint?  Nope.

Lady Jaye??  Uh uh.

Shipwreck?  Ummm…  no.


Who?  Yeah.  Apparently someone named “Cross”.  Of course Joe fans are jumping to the conclusion that this means “Cross Country” is in the movie…but I’m not confident in that.  My guess?  It’s just some generic soldier named “Cross”.  Hopefully as production trudges along we’ll get some more credible and solid intel.  Moviehole does mention that this sequel is going to feature mostly new characters who didn’t appear in the original film.  As long as they’re not all obnoxious second-raters like Cross Country, that’s cool with me.


23 thoughts on “We now return you to your regularly scheduled depressing G.I. Joe movie news

  1. I’m a pretty optimistic person, in terms of this hobby. Sometimes, I probably shouldn’t be, but I am. But, as things continue with G.I. Joe’s second movie, I just get more and more nervous about it, it just seems to get more fusterclucked by the minute.

    I’m hoping it works out, but only time will tell, I suppose.

  2. My thoughts continue to be that this brand would have a better chance of recovery at retail if a sequel were never made, or at least pushed years down the road.

  3. Ehh, I highly doubt this is Cross Country. You can be damn sure that a movie studio isn’t putting a hero character that wears a Confederate cap onscreen, I think, so even if it was “Cross Country” it’d be a very redesigned character. Doubt this news really means much of anything.

  4. You have got to be kidding me. Hundreds of characters to choose from and they go ahead and MAKE SOMEONE UP??!!!!

    No Flint?

    No Stalker?

    No Lifeline?

    No Shipwreck?

    No Roadblock?

    No Grunt?

    No Tripwire?

    No Ace?

    No Torpedo?

    What the &%$# are they doing over there?

  5. I’m with m6d on this– the franchise would be better off w/o any more big screen treatment for a while. It would allow the public perception of RoC as a bomb to fade and it would allow Hasbro and not Paramount to take the creative reigns of the brand once again. Right now, everything has to fall in line with any film representation and that’s what hurt RoC. No one wanted a toyline of black clad heroes fighting black clad villains in black deco’ed vehicles. Sure, it looks good on film but it looks bland as all get out on the toy pegs or on the comic page. (Remember how the comics changed after the first X-Men movie?)

    As “kewl” as it can be to see Joe on the big screen I’d rather see a good mini-series like Resolute or an ongoing like Renegades vs. a mediocre film like Rise of Cobra any day.

  6. DiBoneventura gone isn’t a bad thing at all – most of the problems with the first movie seem to have been due to the direction he wanted to take the franchise.

    I’m fine with new characters, as long as they’re GOOD CHARACTERS. I don’t have any guarantee that these will be.

  7. Maybe “Cross” is short for “Crosshair.” I don’t know much about him other than he’s a sniper, but I know he seems to be a fan favorite. Wouldn’t be a bad thing to include him on a roster other than Low Light fans would be a bit upset.

  8. “Cross” may not be a new character necessarily, could be a codename the studio came up with so story elements aren’t leaked out during casting.

  9. Otto & Ben,
    I hope one of you is right. I really do. I’d rather have egg on my face for picthing a fit early then to be right in saying something sounds stupid

  10. Why all the hate on Cross Country. I always liked Cross Country. Regardless, I’m sure this character is nothing more than a cameo at best.

  11. After diBonaventura’s jackass comments directed at fans who didn’t like RoC (what was it again? Go jump off a cliff?) I’m glad the dickhead is gone. See ya later moron. Probably the main reason RoC sucked.

    As for Cross.

    Didn’t we all complain like crazy that they used the name Ripcord for a basically brand new character in ROC? So now instead they just create a new guy and everyone is still upset. Sheesh. Better than news that Storm Shadow will now be played by an 8′ hulking Russian, which is basically the same as what they did to Ripcord in RoC.

    Right now, all is just crazy rumors. Nothing concrete. You never know, Jon Chu may be a brilliant director who hasn’t gotten his chance yet. Sometimes you have to do Bieber films in order to get to do the good stuff. Besides, my wife says Step Up 2 (or 3 whichever one he did) was really good, so he did a good job for fans of those types of movies. I await to see what actually happens.

  12. I hope another movie never happens at all, for the sake of the awesome stuff we’ve been getting in the figures, which is my only connection to the brand at this point. My local toy store pegs are STILL holding ROC figures with nary a Low Light or or Shadow Tracker to be found. It’s a shame such great toys aren’t at retail, gaining new fans.

    I did get a ROC Kamakura about a month ago when my TRU was having a “2 for 9.99” sale, and that was cool, but why are they still opening brand new cases of ROC figures?!? We’re at least 3 waves past that one! There are tons of POC Destros so we have gotten stuff past ROC but nothing from the last wave that I’ve found.

    I’d love to see more Renegades or Resolute (and more/some figures from those) but no more movies.

  13. “Cross”. The new character that’s sure to warm the pegs at toy stores nationwide come 2012.

  14. I think we should boycott the second gijoe film to be honest, see I’m OK if I hear strange news aka transformers movie early days.
    But this just sounds like it’s going to be an epic pooch screw.

    Bad director
    Great Producer leaving
    not of course forgetting how heavily paramount tried to strong arm snake eyes out of the original film
    I say if they wanna mess it up let em, we shouldn’t have to pay money to see it and nor should we as fans be treated like this by a property we help keep afloat.
    It’s embarrassing actually.

    I personally think Hasbro should find it in themselves to continue the resolute line, in a similar fashion to the evangelion rebirth series.
    Eg 2 epic films a year animated with great figures to accompany them and with us sitting in tow while we anticipate the next epic volume.

    I’m positive Hasbro will come to their senses and hopefully drop the new film, and I want to be optimistic about gijoe 2 and I don’t think renegades is down either, but yeah i say we boycott gijoe 2 demand a better director and maybe even a better studio.

    anyway my 2 cents

    Great site and it’s always a pleasure.

  15. I really liked the Rise of Cobra movie, especially compared to the incoherent mess that was Transformers: Revenge of the Fallen. RoC was fun.

    I am getting that sinking feeling about the sequel though. Not because of the director (honestly, a director doesn’t make or break a movie), not because of the producer leaving, but because of the casting outlook so far. At least there’s Snake Eyes and Storm Shadow confirmed, maybe Duke, but sheesh, no Scarlett, when the acrtress was up for it? Pretty lame… Some word about the characters who will be in the movie, even if they are recast, would be good… Not random no-names like “Cross”.

  16. Maybe Cross is the name they’re giving to Lonzo Wilkinson to avoid the implications of “Stalker?”

  17. @ Andrew Hall

    lol…yeah, yeah I know. But my point was that maybe he is a director that is able to serve the target audience. Obviously it wouldn’t be Step Up 2 fans or my wife ;)

    @ MonkeyBrains

    ok, well if you start comparing it to Transformers movies, then yes, RoC does look pretty good. But that’s scraping the bottom of the barrel don’t you think?

  18. when I saw the “Cross Country” theory I laughed out loud.
    I couldn’t tell which was sillier… the idea that someone would think
    it was Cross Country or that it might actually be Cross Country. hahahaha.

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