JoeCon 2011 – Stunning Images from the Hasbro Archives Roundtable!!

When I saw some of those Tweets from JoeBattleLines and The Terror Drome on Sunday coming out of the Hasbro Archives round table, I immediately wished I was sitting there.  What they were describing sounded too good to be true.

A Resolute style USS Flagg playset?  No way.  Transformers crossovers with Ravage and Omega Supreme?  I’ll believe it when I see it.  And of course, I’ve spent the better part of the last 18 hours trying to find pictures of this event.

Nada.  I’m not really sure why Joe news sites didn’t have folks with cameras in attendance…I would think Joe fans would not just like to see what’s coming, but also what “could have been”.

Well, thankfully, someone out there brought a camera and took some images of the slides shown.  I’m not entirely sure who to give credit to, all I have to go on was a link to this Photobucket Account from Jay over at  If these are your images, please let me know so I can credit you.

For now, though…just take a look at the wonder below.  And weep out loud at your desk at the concepts that never made it past the planning stages.  Yes, I know most of us really didn’t love The Pit…but if it had sold well, there were two Cobra concepts using the Pit base vehicle that just look INSANE.  A HISS Transport and a Mobile Missile Base that make my mouth hang open.  Mauler re-issues (a Joe version and a Cobra “Shredder”), a Sigma freaking 6 OVERKILL.  Sigh.

I suppose I should thank GeneralJoes commenter Crosshair for the info…even if it did make me teary eyed on a Monday morning.  Check out the glorious images below.

EDIT – Images come courtesy of “NightViper” on!  Huge props to him for grabbing these.  Some incredible discussion items here!  Thanks!

26 thoughts on “JoeCon 2011 – Stunning Images from the Hasbro Archives Roundtable!!

  1. WOW! I would have bought both of those Cobra “PITS”. I couldn’t stand the movie one. :/

  2. Wow. The scaling on the Flagg was much smaller than the original, but I loved the concept that the base of the aircraft carrier had storage capacity. I often felt that was a missed opportunity for the first one. LOL. Maybe the Flagg will be the mystery ’13th’ figure from the Club Collector.

  3. I think both of the Cobra ‘PITS’ work better than the actual G.I. Joe one. Those Maulers look like they are late production, what are the chances that there is Mauler tooling available?

  4. I would have killed for that new FLAGG and those Maulers! Ravage and Omega Supreme would have been intriguing crossover choices. I think that one vehicle with the rocket launcher is reminiscent of the ’88 Rolling Thunder and ’89 Thunderclap combined!

    Drat and double DRAT!!!

  5. Noooo!!!! Too cool. As for those Iron Grenadiers…Guess I know what the club will be offering in their subscription line. Neat! And those “Pit” reworkings…hot fire! Hasbro should know, however, that the reason the original PIT didn’t sell is because the transformation was an analogue of sorts of the movie PIT, not an actual transformation into a base, which is why it was so awkward. They should have ditched all reference to the movie, like the “rock” wall, and just made a deploy-able ops center. I like my PIT, but its begging for some modification…like these! DANG IT!!!

  6. I actually like the Jet on the Flagg concept.
    Those IGs look like they could’ve been Destro’s royal guard. Very cool. The rest not so much.

  7. Wow, when I saw “planned Iron Grenadier 5 pack” I was pretty much non-plused… but actually looking at what they were going to do, I am clearly wrong. That’s a better use of the Resolute tooling than Resolute itself! And the combination of the 25th IG Destro legs with the movie Destro torso works really well too.

    I can only imagine that the Mauler coming out in Peacekeeper Blue would drive a lot of the fanbase crazy; if they are incensed by movie Joes not all being Americans, a UN themed Joe tank would be even worse.

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  9. Hasbro must know they’re going to get pestered at every panel from here on out for that FLAGG and those Cobra PITs. That first one is a great homage to the cardboard Cobra headquarters from Sears back in the day. The Iron Grenadier set looks great! And I’m sure after the Specialist Trakker controversy there’d be some protest for the proposed Arctic Baroness’s accessory, but as Ravage is my favorite Transformer and I love Arctic themed figures and female figures, I think this would have sent me through the roof if it had made it to the shelves. I wonder what the Baroness would have looked like. The HiSS concept is cool as well. Great stuff!

  10. MAN, why didn’t they at least get Overkill out before the Sigma 6 line died? That’s freakin’ awesome! Oh well, while there’s a tiny chance for the other stuff to be retooled and used in later lines, we know Sigma 6 is dead and gone, probably forever. Rest in peace. You were a better toyline that most people knew.

  11. I suppose it’s unfair to judge the Resolute Style Flagg just from these few, all-white pictures…but it honestly doesn’t look all that exciting.

    Those Cobra mobile bases, now…those are pretty great. Much better than the Pitt itself, and I’m one of the fools who bought one.


    So much better than the original! And it looks cheaper to produce and retail as well. Whoever is scripting the movie needs to write this in as to push Hasbro into production…

  13. Love those IGs. I made a few kitbashes with those parts (5-pack Resolute CC + 25th IG heads). 25th HISS concepts looks awesome too.

  14. Man, they really wanted to get a panther in GI Joe somehow, didn’t they.

    I wonder what the Omega Supreme stuff is all about. He’s not close to Joe scale I don’t think. Joe train set, maybe?

  15. Wow.
    The 25th HISS concept would have been awesome.

    Was the Resolute Carrier a foam core board model?

  16. A new USS Flagg would have been awesome. A new Cobra base, even better.

    Those two proposed Cobra bases? A little two simplistic really. Not a big fan of either one. Sure, they were prototypes/concepts and would have changed if they proceeded, but they both look pretty randomly kitbashed onto the top of a PIT base and don’t meld together with the PIT bottom very well. I’d rather see an update of the terrordrome if they were going to kitbash onto an existing mold.

    But honestly, if they made either one, I would’ve bought it. There aren’t a lot of options out there for Cobra bases, mobile or otherwise!

  17. So we were close to getting an actual new Flagg after SO MANY YEARS of pushing for one and they have the audacity to shove one in our faces and say we’re not getting it?

    *pulls out handgun*
    “Die, die, die, let go of me, I’m completely sane, I only need one sho…”

    I’m sorry for my outburst…. you can only try to understand the fuSTRATION AT NOT GETTING A FLAGG!!!! Where is my bazooka?

  18. Who is to say, sometimes I think that, when Hasbro or anyone shows off products like the Flagg, we may get them after all. The Flagg and that H.I.S.S., the Surveillance Port and the tanks, might show up between now and the next film.
    But I do wish they sold the Surveillance Port in the general release, because I am not a fan of Walmart. As for the Iron Grenadiers…not bad.

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