IDW G.I. Joe Comic news from Wondercon

While most of the G.I. Joe fandom was focused on Orlando, Florida and JoeCon, Wondercon was going on in San Francisco.  A show based primarily on comics, IDW had their own panel there, with a focus on G.I. Joe and Transformers.

A member of The Terror Drome was present at the panel, and not only reported back with some intel, but went one step further and actually recorded the audio of the panel!  A big kudos to The Terror Drome and Snake Plissken for doing this.

Check out this link to hear the audio and check out the gallery of images as well.

G.I. Joe: Renegades and Transformers Prime move to Saturdays on The Hub

Well, even with eleven more new episodes of G.I. Joe: Renegades, the fun Friday evening tradition has gone by the wayside, as both G.I. Joe: Renegades and Transformers Prime are moving to Saturdays to showcase all of their new episodes.

Transformers Prime launches with premier content on April 9th, while G.I. Joe: Renegades moves to April 16th.  Transformers will start the action hour at 7:00pm, with Renegades picking up at 7:30pm.

I’m not sure of the reason for the movie, and am hesitant to blame ratings, considering Prime is a ratings behemoth (according to The Hub) but I can’t argue that there is less competition on Saturday nights, I suppose, and the chances of the younger kids being home is better.  Time will tell.  As we are all painfully aware, it’s too late to save G.I. Joe: Renegades, but maybe it can at least go out on a positive note.

Thanks to The Terror Drome and Nick and More for the information.

We now return you to your regularly scheduled depressing G.I. Joe movie news

Just in case the awesome showcase of fantastic toys had you in a high place all weekend, a couple more tidbits of information about the G.I. Joe film will bring you right back down to rock bottom.

First and probably most importantly, not only is G.I. Joe 2 powerful enough to catapult a music video director into action director status, but apparently the splashback from that is even powerful enough to sever Lorenzo Di Bonaventura’s eight year relationship with Paramount.  Apparently disagreeing with Paramount’s decision to put John Chu in the director’s chair, Di Bonaventura  may be halting his work with Paramount in general.  Sounds like the sequel is off to a great start.

Well… I’m being overdramatic.  It may mean nothing, but it just struck me as funny that it doesn’t seem like it’s possible to go more than a few straight days with positive buzz in the Joe community.  A cartoon’s gotta get canceled, and crappy articles about the movie sequel have to come out.  Such is the way of a G.I. Joe fan in a Transformers and Star Wars driven world.

Another tidbit above and beyond the Di Bonaventura intel is that supposedly there is a casting call out there, according to Moviehole, looking for a specific G.I. Joe character!

Is it Flint?  Nope.

Lady Jaye??  Uh uh.

Shipwreck?  Ummm…  no.


Who?  Yeah.  Apparently someone named “Cross”.  Of course Joe fans are jumping to the conclusion that this means “Cross Country” is in the movie…but I’m not confident in that.  My guess?  It’s just some generic soldier named “Cross”.  Hopefully as production trudges along we’ll get some more credible and solid intel.  Moviehole does mention that this sequel is going to feature mostly new characters who didn’t appear in the original film.  As long as they’re not all obnoxious second-raters like Cross Country, that’s cool with me.


JoeCon 2011 – Stunning Images from the Hasbro Archives Roundtable!!

When I saw some of those Tweets from JoeBattleLines and The Terror Drome on Sunday coming out of the Hasbro Archives round table, I immediately wished I was sitting there.  What they were describing sounded too good to be true.

A Resolute style USS Flagg playset?  No way.  Transformers crossovers with Ravage and Omega Supreme?  I’ll believe it when I see it.  And of course, I’ve spent the better part of the last 18 hours trying to find pictures of this event.

Nada.  I’m not really sure why Joe news sites didn’t have folks with cameras in attendance…I would think Joe fans would not just like to see what’s coming, but also what “could have been”.

Well, thankfully, someone out there brought a camera and took some images of the slides shown.  I’m not entirely sure who to give credit to, all I have to go on was a link to this Photobucket Account from Jay over at  If these are your images, please let me know so I can credit you.

For now, though…just take a look at the wonder below.  And weep out loud at your desk at the concepts that never made it past the planning stages.  Yes, I know most of us really didn’t love The Pit…but if it had sold well, there were two Cobra concepts using the Pit base vehicle that just look INSANE.  A HISS Transport and a Mobile Missile Base that make my mouth hang open.  Mauler re-issues (a Joe version and a Cobra “Shredder”), a Sigma freaking 6 OVERKILL.  Sigh.

I suppose I should thank GeneralJoes commenter Crosshair for the info…even if it did make me teary eyed on a Monday morning.  Check out the glorious images below.

EDIT – Images come courtesy of “NightViper” on!  Huge props to him for grabbing these.  Some incredible discussion items here!  Thanks!