You want JoeCon 2011 Pics! Here’s where you go…

Well, I’ve still got family stuff going on today, so I’m just tossing a post up real quick with links to some galleries around the web.  Any Renegades fan should be FIRED UP to see what’s being shown at the Con, even with no animated series to support it.

But man, fans of the vintage stuff will be excited as well as those of us who like it all.  I mean, come on… a Zombie Viper?!?  The Joe design team continues to totally raise the bar and make other company designers in the 3 3/4″ scale look amateurish by comparison.  Amazing.

Check out the links below to view some awesome galleries around the web.

  • Toy News International – Jay has absolutely KILLED it this year.  Fantastic images.  I’ll be cleaning the drool off my keyboard for a week.
  • – A ton of images here, too, with lots of comments, of course, as to be expected.

As more images come out there, I’ll link some more, plus I’ll spend a bunch of time this evening getting it all organized.

No, there isn’t a LOT of product, but I’ll be damned if we don’t keep getting some amazing looking stuff out there.  I just wish we could convince retailers of the same thing.

13 thoughts on “You want JoeCon 2011 Pics! Here’s where you go…

  1. To: Hasbro

    RE: Kwinn, Sci-Fi, Lifeline, Techno-Viper, Stalker, Renegades toys

    These are awesome. Truly a testament to your designers and sculptors.

    They are stressing me out because I’d really like a better guarantee that they’ll actually be produced and available at retail.

    Thanks and enjoy the rest of the Convention,


  2. I feel like this is the best new batch of figures I have ever seen. Even the one I like the least (zombie viper) I am still considering army-building.

  3. So cool! Kwinn!!!!!11!!1 Really great looking figure, and the Renegades figs look simply outstanding. That’s one lovely Scarlet, I gotta say.

    Wow. They pulled me back in with these. Now, if I can just get my hands on that Starscream and both Zarana’s this year, I’ll be golden…

  4. Bring on the Zombie Vipers! Lol! I love the fact that they are harkening back to the 90’s era ridiculousness for this figure. This is an easy troop builder for me because the Zombie concept works so well with other toylines. I’d love to see them incorporate different Zombie characters into the line every blue-moon.

  5. I am really hoping that all those “Fall 2011” tags get moved up like the dates on the last bunch of figures did, because I want a lot of those figures NOW.

  6. Totally on board with this stuff. It looks like POC finally got the stick wedged up Hasbro’s butt in regards to these figures. They’re amazing, and they REALLY need to get made. Looking squarely at you, Lifeline, Sci-Fi, Renegade line, Data Viper.

    I LOVE the Data Viper, but it looks like something out of a Guillermo Del Toro futuristic dream. His little Drone buddy ROCKS, too.

  7. The figures really looks good, I just hope they make it to our hands thru retail and not by ebay.

  8. Only one complaint about all these toys : Fall 2011??? Seriously? Wasn’t there talk about June at one point? Sigh.

    Man, seriously I am blown away. Airtight and Lifeline should make all old school fans happy while all those Renegades figures are really cool as well (though I was disapointed there was no Baroness but I’m sure she’s still to come).

    I actually really like the Zombie Viper idea as well. Makes sense in that old school cartoon way. Bunch of Hazard Vipers working with nasty stuff get exposed to it and BAM! Zombie breakout! Joe to the rescue while Cobra Commander cowers in the corner. lol. And with zombies being THE thing these days, good timing!

    These new figures really put the last two waves of PoC to shame, they look like a whole lesser toyline next to the upcoming stuff, which is too bad because in general POC was awesome and I’m not convinced even these cool new 30th guys beat out Low Light. Sci-Fi may come really close though……Zarana may be better. I still can’t quite comprehend how awesome that sculpt is. Getting those two versions of her will really be a blank check event. Whatever the cost, whatever I have to do. Cancel Christmas if need be. I’m getting those figures!

    At any rate, BEST showing ever! Love everything coming out and very excited to get all this stuff. Two years ago I thought the GIJoe I loved was dead, replaced by a new very different version, yet here we are and all is good again.

    Sorry to say this, but I feel vindicated. Our constant bitching and complaining finally paid off. Everyone enjoy ;)

  9. Best news for me is: Toxo Viper!

    I actually look at this Renegades hiatus and the new movie as a good thing. They continue to remake the classic stuff while churning out the movie line for everyone else, we’re in for some potentially good figures. Transformers is probably at the end of its current life cycle. No movie in 2012 for support possibly means Prime is next on the TV show hiatus/chopping block. And with Mattel continously screwing up its lines with bad QC and horrible communications with its fans, G.I. Joe is probably one of the few vintage lines out there left for to enjoy in any capacity.

  10. Outstanding figures. I don’t think there is one figure shown that I am “meh” about, and I usually always feel “meh” about at least a few. Great job Hasbro. I’ll buy at least 2 of any of these figures i can find.

  11. Lifeline, Airtight, Techno Viper, Sci-Fi, Zarana, Ace, Scarlett. Wow these are some amazing looking figures. Plus they come with really great accessories!

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