Intel from the Hasbro G.I. Joe Round Table/Seminar!

So, for those folks who aren’t following the current Twitter deluge from The Terror Drome and JoeBattleLines, here is a recap of what Hasbro revealed at their roundtable and seminar.  Hopefully we get some great pics incoming!

  • “3o for 30” Trademarked by ESPN, line will be the “30th Anniversary Celebration”
  • Detail and design will make Low Light look like “#$#!”
  • Hasbro continues to fully support G.I. Joe: Renegades with a “lot of great toys”

Figure showcase.  A lot of what we saw at Toy Fair, but NEW STUFF too!!  Stuff like:

  • Renegades Cobra Commander will definitely have TWO heads.
  • Storm Shadow will also have a normal and “Renegades” head!
  • Hazard-Viper comes with some “compound Z” to transform into a variant “Zombie-Viper”!!!
  • Renegades Tunnel Rat
  • Techno-Viper with interlocking road cones for those Army builders
  • Sci-Fi with multiple heads for visor locations.  Up and down positions
  • Renegades Cobra Trooper!  HELL YES.
  • Data-Viper – The evolution of the Tele-Viper, and comes with a UAV drone
  • Renegades Law & Order with articulated Order!  The head moves
  • LIFELINE!!  Trauma equipment included with Lifeline.  Removable helmet, IV, stretcher

Oh wow.  Wow.  Freaking KWINN IN JUNGLE FATIGUES!!!  KWINN!!  Only artwork shown.  But DAMN!!!  Supposedly very comic book accurate, and we can thank Derryl DePriest.  THANK YOU, DERRYL!

Okay, then they moved on to vehicles.  The vehicle news is what we’ve heard already.  Crimson HISS, VAMP, Skystriker at $30.  Single seater with no parachute.

Now they’re talking Exclusives.

  • Starscream Skystriker comes with packaging that references the non-existent 5th issue of the Transformers vs. G.I. Joe Comic
  • Vintage Zarana is primary exclusive, Cold Slither is variant

That was it.  Stay tuned as I com the net for pics of this awesomeness!


13 thoughts on “Intel from the Hasbro G.I. Joe Round Table/Seminar!

  1. Is anyone else concerned that the Seminar seems puny compared to last years?

  2. For a show I don’t like, the Renegades toys look fantastic! As does the Data Viper.

  3. A Data-Viper, eh? Sounds like someone lazier than the Techno-Vipers…might have to add that to the jokes…

  4. FINALLY A JUNGLE KWINN…I think I just cried alittle….and wow all the figures look exceptional ! Rengades Ripcord (cool ! didnt see him coming. Zombie Viper , not a fan of the concept but the figures looks great, first thought on him, perhaps I can think of a story to put him in my Joeverse Plague !

  5. OH GOD I just saw the Data Viper! He’s HILARIOUS! Ah man, thanks goodness he’s got confusing crap all over him just like the Techno-Viper’s confusing tools. These jokes’ll write themselves…I love it.

  6. From Crosshair’s photos, I see renegades Ripcord but not Roadblock. That’s… interesting.

  7. Renegades Roadblock, being both big and pudgy, would need a new body type to do him justice. I imagine they just need more time.

    Man oh man oh man this stuff looks good, though…

  8. I see what Hasbro’s doing, and I gotta say…well played. Coming in May, they’re releasing a ton of repaint army-builders. Now, sales of those are going to finance sales of the new guys we have here. So, if you love what’s coming, bulk up your armies of troopers and Steel Brigade and whatever else, cuz it’s a war of attrition.

    I love what they’re doing this year. More figures, only two new vehicles, and big fan love. They’re selling to us, guys. This year, apart from Renegades (which I really like, don’t get me wrong) is for the big kids. Love it.

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