Images arriving for 2011 JoeCon Exclusive figures and vehicles!

As I reported yesterday, the following is the list of JoeCon exclusive items (above and beyond the boxed set):

  • Lightning, AKA “Relampago” and Trigger, AKA “Gatilho”: LE 650
  • PP Stinger with PP Motor Viper 500
  • PP Water moccasin LE 400
  • MOC Dial-Tone LE 600
  • Silver edition Cobra Commander LE 500
  • PP Tele Viper parachute trooper LE 500
  • Freebie Armadillo

Images have now started arriving for these items, courtesy of and Toy News International.

As I feared, I freaking love these.  LOVE.  The Lightning and Trigger 2-Pack is absolutely fantastic.  That tooling translates exceptionally well to the Python Patrol paint apps, and I really dig that Lightning is the Water Moccasin driver with Trigger as a sniper.  Very cool additions to the crew.

The Stinger is terrific as well.  It will fit in seamlessly with the old school Python Patrol vehicles, it can pull the ASP, and the Motor-Viper can be used to drive the old school Stun while the Python Trooper (who looks like a Stinger Driver) can pilot the Jeep.  As the beer commercial goes…  “BRILLIANT”.

I’m not a fan of the Water Moccasin generally, but this red paint scheme looks really sharp.  And man…the idea of a Python Officer paint scheme for the Tele-Viper to make a Tele-Viper officer?  Pretty damn inspired.

I kinda think the Cobra Commander is a bit “gimmicky” and that one doesn’t really float my boat…but man, everything else is very, very well done.  As if I should expect anything else.  Looking good, Collectors’ Club.  Now to figure out how to get my hands on these things.  :shifty:

5 thoughts on “Images arriving for 2011 JoeCon Exclusive figures and vehicles!

  1. I like ’em all. The pricing is a bit harsh on the Stinger and I wish the 2 figures came with more gear at that price. But aside from that the whole set looks really good. Even Mickey Commander who I think is a neat souvenir.

  2. I have loved the foreign stuff the club has been giving us the last several years

    First Cobra Mortal
    Then the Argen 7 and then AF and the Red Shadows
    Now this year we get 3 more foreign characters.

    LOVE IT.

  3. I agree with what you said in regards to that Stinger, finally something to pull the ASP! “…brilliant, ” indeed!!

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