GeneralsJoes reviews the RAHC Reference Guide

Good afternoon, Joefans!

In another little celebration of the 2011 G.I. Joe Convention starting today in Orlando, Florida, I am reviewing the RAHC Guide by James Kavanaugh, JR.  I had the distinct pleasure to work on the Forward of this book for James, and have been with him every step of the way during production of this impressive tome.

This is a reference guide for the Second Generation of O-Ring G.I. Joe figures, including 1997 – 2007 and covering everything from Spy Troops and Valor Vs. Venom to Built To Rule and the Collectors’ Club exclusives.

Trust me when I say this book is impressive.  What he does with the accessories especially totally blows me away.  Check out my full review RIGHT HERE!  Then track down James on the Convention floor and buy the book for yourself, it’s on sale this weekend!

Yo Joe!

5 thoughts on “GeneralsJoes reviews the RAHC Reference Guide

  1. JEALOUS!!!!!!!

    Those pages just drive home all the more why I NEED to own this book as soon as I can get it. Seriously– a lot of Joe fans have dumped the GvC era in favor of the 25A/PoC stuff but to me this “second generation” of Joe is quite possibly my favorite as it is what brought me back to being an active collector!

  2. This looks fantastic. I own the three Action Figure Archive books by Derek Anderson & Ron Conner, two of which cover most of this era (the book ends prior to 2007 with the Viper Lockdown set and some early shots of the unreleased DTC wave 3) but this book seems to surpass that volume in every way. Great job, James. You may have created the greatest collectors guide dedicated to G.I. Joe ever! I will anxiously be awaiting to learn how I can own a copy of this.

  3. The hell? They re-released the Mobile Command Center during this period?!?!?!?!

    I have no interest in collecting figures from this era, but I intend to buy the book as a fun reference point. I am interested in this era just for the anthropology angle, and rather than buying the figures, this book will be all I need.

    My internet’s slow, Justin, so I didn’t wait for all the images to download; does the book include file card information?

    Maybe some of us should collaborate ona Sigma 6 book someday…

  4. Barbecue17, can I get in touch with you about the Anderson & Conner books? Please drop me a line at phyrrr[at]!

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