GeneralsJoes Reviews GIJCC Adventure Team “Land Adventurer”

Well, it’s Thursday, and that means the official “kick off to JoeCon 2011”!  Unfortunately I’m lodged firmly up North in my snow-buried New Hampshire habitat while so many of my friends and co-conspirators are either in Orlando, Florida, or are on their way.

But I’m celebrating the Convention in my own way…  hit up the GIJCC Reviews Section to check out the latest (and last) Adventure Team review, or just click the link below.

3 thoughts on “GeneralsJoes Reviews GIJCC Adventure Team “Land Adventurer”

  1. Justin… don’t you go and encourage me to buy these!! Don’t you do it!!!

    Too late… I’ll probably be pulling the trigger this weekend. Sort of a “non-attending the con consolation prize.”

  2. Neat! I like this guy, though it’s a terrible thing to replace Battle Luge Guy with weapons crates. That man is twenty weapons crates and a couple atom bombs in one battle-lugin’ package!

    Beyond that, though, I really like the camo pattern on this guy! I’d like to get ahold of at least one of these sometime, but I probably won’t want to shell out the dough these guys will cost…

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