Meanwhile, the Sideshow Collectibles Pit Command Center Pre-Order is LIVE

Somewhat lost in the hullabaloo of JoeCon 2011, Sideshow Collectibles has also posted their pre-order for the awesome looking Pit Command Center!  Some mirrored images are below, and click the banner to pick up that bad boy!

PIT Command Center 12-inch Figure Environment

Images arriving for 2011 JoeCon Exclusive figures and vehicles!

As I reported yesterday, the following is the list of JoeCon exclusive items (above and beyond the boxed set):

  • Lightning, AKA “Relampago” and Trigger, AKA “Gatilho”: LE 650
  • PP Stinger with PP Motor Viper 500
  • PP Water moccasin LE 400
  • MOC Dial-Tone LE 600
  • Silver edition Cobra Commander LE 500
  • PP Tele Viper parachute trooper LE 500
  • Freebie Armadillo

Images have now started arriving for these items, courtesy of and Toy News International.

As I feared, I freaking love these.  LOVE.  The Lightning and Trigger 2-Pack is absolutely fantastic.  That tooling translates exceptionally well to the Python Patrol paint apps, and I really dig that Lightning is the Water Moccasin driver with Trigger as a sniper.  Very cool additions to the crew.

The Stinger is terrific as well.  It will fit in seamlessly with the old school Python Patrol vehicles, it can pull the ASP, and the Motor-Viper can be used to drive the old school Stun while the Python Trooper (who looks like a Stinger Driver) can pilot the Jeep.  As the beer commercial goes…  “BRILLIANT”.

I’m not a fan of the Water Moccasin generally, but this red paint scheme looks really sharp.  And man…the idea of a Python Officer paint scheme for the Tele-Viper to make a Tele-Viper officer?  Pretty damn inspired.

I kinda think the Cobra Commander is a bit “gimmicky” and that one doesn’t really float my boat…but man, everything else is very, very well done.  As if I should expect anything else.  Looking good, Collectors’ Club.  Now to figure out how to get my hands on these things.  :shifty:

GeneralsJoes reviews the RAHC Reference Guide

Good afternoon, Joefans!

In another little celebration of the 2011 G.I. Joe Convention starting today in Orlando, Florida, I am reviewing the RAHC Guide by James Kavanaugh, JR.  I had the distinct pleasure to work on the Forward of this book for James, and have been with him every step of the way during production of this impressive tome.

This is a reference guide for the Second Generation of O-Ring G.I. Joe figures, including 1997 – 2007 and covering everything from Spy Troops and Valor Vs. Venom to Built To Rule and the Collectors’ Club exclusives.

Trust me when I say this book is impressive.  What he does with the accessories especially totally blows me away.  Check out my full review RIGHT HERE!  Then track down James on the Convention floor and buy the book for yourself, it’s on sale this weekend!

Yo Joe!

BBTS News: Transformers, Replicas, 1/6 Scale, Hasbro & More!

Hi – Here is a quick update from about a
variety of new preorders and many more new arrivals.


For those of you that want to pick up a Masterpiece Convoy, this one will
be the last release of this mold.  It is so final, it even says “LAST
SHOT” on the back!  This piece has the long stacks of the Japanese
versions, plus it comes with a voice base that includes 15 phrases (in
Japanese, of course).  One of these phrases is said to announce the name
of the next Masterpiece figure, although fandom has yet to decipher that
particular riddle.  We have this version of Prime listed at $134.99, so
don’t miss out on this final chance.

A new shipment of BBTS Exclusive Godzilla accessory figures has arrived
from overseas.  This time we have a set of two different octopi along with
a rock accessory, as well as a set of two different Snakes.  Each set of
figures is listed at $59.99, and are great ways to add to your dioramas
and collections.

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Blast Off into the new G.I. Joe Documentary!

Anyone who has gone to the G.I. Joe Conventions over the past few years has probably been introduced to the idea of the Code Name: Blast Off documentary, which features some never before seen footage and behind the scenes looks at the creation of G.I. Joe: A Real American Hero 30 years ago.

Putting a large focus on Ron Rudat (with the documentary being produced by his son Tristan), Code Name: Blast Off really explores the deep and rich history of the G.I. Joe brand, offering some awesome details from Rudat, one of the key masterminds behind the creation and evolution of the line back in the day.

A trailer for the documentary is now available on YouTube, which you can see below:

Also, over at Cinematical, they have posted a great interview with Tristan, and also have provided an exclusive “Outtake” from the documentary, showcasing Ron Rudat’s opinion on G.I. Joe: The Rise of Cobra immediately following his first viewing of it.  Check out the interview here, and the video below.

A very cool way to celebrate JoeCon 2011, to be sure.  To stay on top of all the latest news about Code Name: Blast Off, check out their Facebook page.

GeneralsJoes Reviews GIJCC Adventure Team “Land Adventurer”

Well, it’s Thursday, and that means the official “kick off to JoeCon 2011”!  Unfortunately I’m lodged firmly up North in my snow-buried New Hampshire habitat while so many of my friends and co-conspirators are either in Orlando, Florida, or are on their way.

But I’m celebrating the Convention in my own way…  hit up the GIJCC Reviews Section to check out the latest (and last) Adventure Team review, or just click the link below.