GIJCC JoeCon 2011 Exclusive Items Revealed – Now with Images!

Well, JoeCon officially begins tomorrow night, but thanks to some “Golden Ticket” members and a few enterprising Joefans, we now have some information about the 2011 JoeCon Exclusives!  Tonight folks were allowed to grab some of their items, and also got a peek at the Club Comic, which showcased many of the characters we’ll be seeing in the convention set this year.

I will update this list as we find out more information…the news comes straight from the JoeBattleLines Twitter Feed!

UPDATE – Roshan from has posted some images that I’ve mirrored below!

Items of note so far are:

  • The “Freebie Item” is a repaint of the Rise of Cobra Armadillo – The Armadillo is repainted in jungle camouflage for the Mission: Brazil Joe team
  • The Comic contains a Python Patrol deco’d Cobra Stinger, quite possibly with the previously seen Motor-Viper as the driver
  • The Comic also contains a red Water Moccasin, likely a tribute to the South American repaint, known there as the Hidroelice De Emboscada

3 thoughts on “GIJCC JoeCon 2011 Exclusive Items Revealed – Now with Images!

  1. Depending on how much that Python Stinger is going for I might have to get two. Definitely liking the idea of the red Mocassin. I have a couple of the TRU version that I bought for this con set so a red one to use as a leader vehicle will be nice.

    The Armadillo is nice but not anything I want more than one of. It’ll look nice with Wet-suit and Claymoore.

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