Sideshow Collectibles unveils more images of The Pit!

Right on schedule, the Sideshow Collectibles site has revealed more images of their upcoming 12″ figure Diorama set, The Pit Command Center!  Featuring some awesome metallic detailing, gorgeous translucent monitors, and a great old school aesthetic, this set looks to be a fantastic compliment to your 12″ figures.

Checkout Sideshow’s Production Blog to get more images of the set, and prepare your wallet for March 31st, when the pre-order goes live.

Yo Joe!

One thought on “Sideshow Collectibles unveils more images of The Pit!

  1. I like it. The “modular” nature of the different pieces makes it customizable to a certain extent and I really like that feature. And the price tag isn’t any more than a figure so I can justify getting one… or two.

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