Sideshow Collectibles unveils more images of The Pit!

Right on schedule, the Sideshow Collectibles site has revealed more images of their upcoming 12″ figure Diorama set, The Pit Command Center!  Featuring some awesome metallic detailing, gorgeous translucent monitors, and a great old school aesthetic, this set looks to be a fantastic compliment to your 12″ figures.

Checkout Sideshow’s Production Blog to get more images of the set, and prepare your wallet for March 31st, when the pre-order goes live.

Yo Joe!

Kick Ass Customs Update – Project 1990!

I’ve seen many fans lambasting the original G.I. Joe line, and most of their anger is directed towards “the 90’s”.  Invariably, that entire decade gets blamed for the downfall of G.I. Joe, but I’ve often felt like 1990 itself was a fantastic year for G.I. Joe, and almost perfectly exemplified what the fans want.

The figures were all new characters, very cool military colors, tons of original accessories.  Yes, 1990 was awesome.  And amazing customizier extraordinaire “Bad Sociologist” is tackling 1990 head on, with “Project 1990”.

I’m not even that huge a fan of modern figures that perfectly resemble the classics, but holy crap, these just must be seen to be believed.  The original thread is on, check out these amazing mirrored images below.

Welcome to the House of the Mouse and JoeCon 2011!!

In a few short days, the attention of the Joe fandom will be focused on the Mouse’s Kingdom for the annual Collectors’ Convention.  For some, this is a yearly pilgrimage.  For, what seems of many, this will be the first of several conventions to come.  Regardless, once again, welcome to the best four days on the calendar.

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GeneralsJoes Reviews the GIJCC Adventure Team Air Adventurer

In celebration of JoeCon 2011 coming on Thursday, I will be reviewing one of the Adventure Team sets per day until the Con is here!  Today we have the GIJCC Air Adventurer w/ the Helicopter!

You can find the review posted in the GIJCC Exclusives Review section, or directly at the link below: