GeneralsJoes Reviews Rise of Cobra Snarler and Mantis

If there is any one grouping of G.I. Joe items that I’ve been lax in reviewing, it’s been the vehicles.  There are numerous reasons for that, but I don’t need to get into them all here…the important thing is, I’m trying to make up for that oversight.  And no, I’m not just talking about Rip Attack!

Posted up in the Rise of Cobra Review Page are some long overdue reviews for the Mantis Attack Craft w/ Aqua Viper Officer and the Snarler Motorcycle w/ Rollbar and Beachhead.

Check ’em out!

10 thoughts on “GeneralsJoes Reviews Rise of Cobra Snarler and Mantis

  1. Awesome! For once, a review of toys I have!

    I was so desperate for new Joes in December 2009 that I bought both these sets at a TRU in London.

    I love love love the Aqua Viper. I don’t use his head sculpt, but I photograph him all the time; he looks GREAT with RoC Flash. (I consider him a Joe; the Mantis is a Joe vehicles in my mind, too, which is funny ’cause until I read your review I didn’t know it was a rerelease).

    I’m still butthurt that Beachhead doesn’t utilize the Hall of Heroes or Comic Pack sculpt, ’cause much as my knee-jerk reaction is “Ooh, nice repaint”, I’ve struggled to make that scrawny-armed bastard work in my collection.

    The vehicles have been in storage, ’cause small as they are, I don’t have room for them.

    As for Rollbarborne, I prefer the all-black neck-down repaint they gave to the five-pack Duke; this one looks nice, but he doesn’t really fit in with anyone else.

    So… wow… I didn’t realize how little I ended up getting out of these two sets. Kinda funny, ’cause I still look on them warmly; since no one had reviewed them and I didn’t know about them until I spotted them at TRU, they felt like they were exclusively mine or something.

    Nice review, Justin. Keep the retro reviews coming!

  2. picked these up at marshall’s just after christmas…$3 each. both have already had their display run and are both in mothballs.

    RoC Lamprey is great.
    Rollbar is my RoC styling Airborne
    Beachhead is night ops geared.

    of the three, only the Lamprey is still out on display.

  3. I love your reviews Justin. I actually don’t agree with a lot of them. :) But they’re thoughtful and well-informed. And the pics are a nice mix of information and dio.

    That Aqua-Viper is fodder gold. The head was a perfect replacement for my Matt Trakker, whose head went to replace the awful one on Chuckles. That helmet, with a touch of silver paint, is great for RoC Charbroil. And the legs are going toward a Tiger Force Skystriker custom (once I locate an RoC Barbecue).

  4. Also, interestingly enough, there is a Mantis-like vehicle that appears in Sunbow — I believe “Raise the Flagg — which makes it a justifiable addition to the cartoon-purist’s collection.

  5. Yes on Rollbar. I use him as the squad commander of my Pit Commando/Steel Brigade troops, but I give him a Pit Commando boonie hat to further differentiate him from Airborne. And that Snarler is all Snake Eyes. No one else gets to ride it.

    I also like the Lamprey Officer. He and my three Cobra Island Lampreys are my Cobra Naval Commandos. Cool reviews! AMkes me appreciate the Mantis a little more. But just a little…

  6. Hey Justin great review of the Snarler and on that note if you leave the Joe logo off it makes a geat urban attack bike for the Alley Vipers the colors schemes match up great.

  7. Yeah, the Snarler was a great set! I was amazed that they shoved so much stuff into one 15 dollar packaged when you saw all the nothing that came with vehicles like the drill car. Both figures are total fodder to me, though, which was good! Beachhead was unneeded, so it was great that they made him in generic black and green. Perfect for a base body for just about anything! I used ’em for a quick Rampage custom due to a suggestion from someone in my review. Rollbar is…Airborne. Once again, though, that’s cool with me! Wicked color scheme, I just wish they would have…you know TRIED to paint his head differently. Not that I can’t just swap it out.

    Either way, I love the heck outa the Snarler!

  8. You know I was thinking about it, and there’s a lot of v2 Airborne in Rollbar.

    I know he was essentially a different person, but I think this is another of Hasbro’s homage figures like Glenda/Pilot Scarlett and Ninja Ku/Storm Shadow that they snuck in to the modern era.

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