Sideshow Collectibles unveils The Pit Diorama!

Well, part of it, anyway.  Can you imagine?  A full sized Pit for your 12″ Sideshow figures?  Well, they’ve gotta start somewhere and yesterday they revealed The Pit Command Center, their latest diorama piece for the 12″ collectors line.

Sideshow Collectibles promises a full product reveal in their Production Blog launching March 29th, with pre-orders available March 31st, just in time for JoeCon!  Check out the full details right here.

Big thanks to GeneralsJoes contributor Mysterious Stranger for the intel!

One thought on “Sideshow Collectibles unveils The Pit Diorama!

  1. I’ve been staying away from the Sideshow dios (aside from the kickass Cobra Throne) but this one I MUST have. If I can get a good price and its workable I might get two to set up a nice Joe command center display.

    Hey, I don’t have kids or expect to live to retirement age so I might as well spend my money on fun stuff like this right?

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