G.I. Joe: Renegades confirmed “On Hiatus” after a Single Season

Well, consider the unfortunate news confirmed.  I spoke with Public Relations at The Hub, and they have confirmed that G.I. Joe: Renegades will cease airing original episodes after the summer.  They have declared the series “On Hiatus” in anticipation of the upcoming film sequel.

This sounds remarkably similar to the situation with Transformers: Animated after the third season, as it was phased out in favor for a style closer to the live action Transformers films.  Considering how much stronger fan support Renegades seem to generate, especially when compared to the Rise of Cobra film, this is a disappointing turn of events, to say the least.

Let’s all hope that the next live action film franchise is closer to the spirit of A Real American Hero than the previous film was, so the animation doesn’t potentially suffer for it.  The entire text of the communication from The Hub is below.

“…we’re very pleased with the performance of G.I. JOE RENEGADES on The Hub. The series will go on hiatus at the end of season one while the second installment of the G.I. Joe movie franchise is being produced so Hasbro and Hasbro Studios can ensure the creative and storyline continuity that fans of the films and the series expect.  We’ll have original episodes into the summer and we envision resuming new animation following the movie.”

I do thank PR at The Hub for their quick confirmation, though I do wish the news was better, for sure.  Regardless of the future of G.I. Joe: Renegades, you can count on GeneralsJoes to continue updating the episode guide, spreading the news, and enjoying the hell out of G.I. Joe: Renegades while it lasts.

Yo Joe, I guess.

47 thoughts on “G.I. Joe: Renegades confirmed “On Hiatus” after a Single Season

  1. To expand on my earlier thoughts…it feels like Hasbro can’t get everything moving in one direction. Can’t get media, toys, and schedules all lined up and working together. By the time Renegades toys come out (if they do? Not screaming “death fo teh line!” but who knows?) the show will be a memory. By the time any other cartoon in support of the movie comes online….well, then who knows?

    What bugs me is they are making really great stuff – the Pursuit of Cobra line are the best 4″ Joe figs ever made, Renegades is the best Joe cartoon ever made – and they can’t get it working together and moving in the same direction. Disappointing.

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  3. I didn’t much care for Renegades, but even if it was more awesome than anything ever made before it… The animation was stylistic it was going to turn a ton of people off right from the start. It still seems like a no brainer to me to actually make a cartoon that looks like the toys or the property that people care about, but Hasbro seems stuck in this constant need to reinvent and redesign GI Joe to be new and fresh… While still using the same characters.

    If Renegades had looked anything like GI Joe, everyone would have hoped right on board with it. Instead it looked horrible and people had to be convinced to get on board. And kids see right through that crap too. So even the kids weren’t likely to jump on board… But if they did, they had no toys anyway.

    It’s a confused line of thinking. Sure, it works for Transformers, but the property is more conducive to all sorts of design changes by nature. GI Joe simply isn’t.

  4. To be fair, they are in new territory. After years of licensing out their IP, they’re producing their own media now. They’re learning on the job, so I think we have to cut them some slack. This decision strikes me as shortsighted, though. They spent a huge pile of cash on the first season, and they haven’t sold a single toy. Not getting any to retail before fall wasn’t a big deal until discovering there won’t be any new episodes in the fall (Young Justice and Transformers Prime toys aren’t available yet, either).

    And having a cartoon on the air can only make more kids say, “Take me to see the new G.I. JOE movie.” I mean, what retailer is going to be convinced that ordering a large quantity of movie sequel toys is a good idea? I hope that “on hiatus” means they really will return to the show, but it’s not like the writers and producers will wait around for that to happen. The people who aren’t splitting responsibilities between Renegades and Prime will move on to other jobs.

  5. This is proof positive that Hasbro has no clear, unified idea for G.I.Joe at the moment. They been casting their line looking for the big one, and are once again narrowing their options. There’s obviously too many “directions” for the brand: movie continuity, Renegades, 30th Anniversary… haven’t we all been here before? I’m getting a strong whiff of deja vu.

    Hasbro is, first and foremost, a toy company, and who are toys (contrary to popular geek opinion) made for? Kids, of course, so there’s no sense in them creating a movie or a cartoon toy commercial without toys. In a perfect world there would be money enough to chase all the directions, but we all know how that goes.

    I’m no expert, but I see two possible directions happening, and a third not occurring, simultaneously: the 30th anniversary toy line (Hasbro would like to replicate some of the relative success of the 25th and it will also placate adult fans) begins later this year and continues into 2012. If the movie is slated for a summer 2012 release, I don’t doubt that a movie toy-line will start to take over the 30th anniversary’s place by mid-year. I could even see a hybrid line of both in 2012; it never hurts to remind now grown up former fans of what G.I.Joe once meant, especially with a big-budget movie coming. If the movie releases in 2013 (can’t remember when I last read the release was slated for) than we get a year of 30th anniversary, maybe with some more token Renegades sprinkled about, and then the movie line. Neither of those scenarios leaves much room on the shelves for a sustained Renegades line, and that raises the WTF flag when it comes to spending money on an expensive on-going toy commercial for toys that don’t-to-barely exist. That tells me that Hasbro has info indicating that Renegades is NOT connecting with the kids, which was the whole reason for it in the first place. Hasbro probably sees their best opportunity for connecting with the chilluns lies with the movie, and rightfully so, based upon past experience.

    Like I said, deja vu, just replace 30 with 25 and Renegades with Resolute.

    None of this will matter after December 2012, of course, thanks to the pending End of Days and what-not, but it’s still fun to discuss. ;)

  6. I’ve got a sneaky feeling that Renegades is done and we’ll see a different cartoon come out to go with the sequel.

    I just hope they can give Renegades some sort of conclusion before it ends so we’re not left with a cliffhanger.

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  9. get ready………..

    2 Renegades figure 5pks sold as online exclusives.

    (or at ROSS a year after theyve hit online if youd like to wait.)

  10. Maybe a better solution would be to put the movie franchise on hiatus while they try fix that trainwreck, and let Renegades (which is best version G.I Joe I have seen since the original and in a lot of ways better) flourish as the new flagship of the brand.

    Just a thought.

  11. G.I. Joe Renegades does not have that “X” factor. It just falls short of being a movie of the week or worse an A-Team rehash. The charters are flat and washed out like much of the backgrounds. I can see they are trying to stretch this story line out, but wow enough already. The story plots are not pushing any boundaries and very little character development has the show moving in circles. Without an exciting look and feel to have viewers want to tune in week after week you don’t have a show. This is escapism not realism, it has to be colorful and fun with a touch of edginess. Even the A-Team saved the world once in awhile. Thanks for trying.

  12. The film franchise is going to ultimately kill anything innovative in this line. Once Hasbro turns the reins over to Paramount, it is Paramount that is setting the direction for our beloved “Real American Heroes.”

    Yeah, we all know how well the last attempt turned out.

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  14. Between a lack of product available recently at retail (aside from ROSS stores several hours away from where I live), Renegades going on hiatus limbo, and what sounds like a “Deth of teh line!1! (it ain’t quite ded yet)” movie sequel, unless something remarkable is revealed (on any front – toys, media, etc) at this year’s JoeCon, I might be ready to throw in the towel and find a new hobby. This just ain’t no fun anymore. >:-(


  15. GAH! This is the best Joe show in years. Resolute was more like the ending to the classic Joe franchise and Renegades is a perfect reboot.

    It’s been doing a great job of buildup leading to a more classic match-up of Joes vs Cobra and I have been hoping we’d get to that point.

    LOVE the show, it’s the one show I make sure to NOT miss. Hate to even hear the least bit of a hint that it might be going away.

  16. Though I never got why everyone had such love for Renegades, I’m saddened to see Hasbro let another G.I. Joe property die off before it had a chance to find it’s legs. Although I’m far from done collecting Joe toys, I’m pretty discouraged that we’ll probably never get a worthwhile Joe product in any other medium.

  17. On an unrelated note: Now would be a fantastic time to do a G.I. Joe/ Transformers cross-over to help get Interest in G.I. Joe before the release of the movie. Just saying…

  18. This is sad but give me a Joe Cartoon with Sunbow art and original Marvel comic story and I will be happy.

  19. I am very disappointed by this; I am liking Renegades a whole more than IDW’s universe at the moment (Cobra is a bit less unassailable powerful in Renegades, for one.) and was seriously looking forward to the Renegades toyline, which is likely to just be that singular wave, if there’s not going to be any media supporting it going forwards. Stuff like Renegades Tunnel Rat, the Cobra Security troopers, and the Coyote was BEGGING to be made into toys. And with the show canceled, we’re not likely to see anything of the sort.

  20. While I still liked it better than Transformers Prime, I am not sad to see this show go. Their ‘guest hero’ formula to get familiar faces into the series became to tired and formulaic. And the A-Team setting seem to deprive the heroes from being heroic. Still it seems odd that a flagship show of a new network gets such a quick hook. It reinforces my belief that Hasbro has lacked direction for GIJoe for years now.

  21. I need the core cast of renegades along with a decent baroness and joe vehicles made into toys.

    THIS NEEDS TO BE DONE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  22. Maybe if the show was on Cartoon Network? They seem to be getting a lot of success with their shows, even the clone wars, a show with some pretty bland episodes- anything ealing with padme or the episode with the george lucas and family characters.

  23. I’m not surprised that Renegades isn’t getting a season 2, and I guess after what happpened to Resolute and Transformers Animated, the reason shouldn’t surprised me either, but it does. I just never got the sense that the Rise of Cobra did well enough to continue pushing in that direction–it was nowhere near the smash hit that the Transformer Films were. I agree with the poster who said that maybe the movies should be put off for awhile to develop a fresh reboot (instead of building on a weak first installment) and use that time to let the cartoon flourish. Nothing I’ve heard about the sequel as far as casting or story make me optimistic that this is the right path for the line.

    Then again, maybe there is no “right path,” if Hasbro is not willing to settle for anything less than a runaway smash hit. G.I.Joe may just be too “grown-up” a property to compete with action figure lines with more fantastical elements like Star Wars, Transformers, the Marvel & DC Universes, or even TMNT and Power Rangers.

    I hate to say it, but instead of “death of the line” my response to this news is “just let it die.” At least for awhile.

    Very disappointed and dismayed.

  24. Agh…guh…WHY?! Not necessarily “why are they canceling it” but WHY did they make this toon if they wanted to see how the new movie did? I don’t understand. Make something, see if it sells, get some fans, but REALLY (on the sidelines) wait to see if that new movie is gona be greenlit and let that float the franchise and screw anyone who caught on to the interim show they slapped together? I’ll say it again: I don’t get it. Why bother to find someone to do unique, eyecatching designs (whether or not you liked them; they caught the eye), then get together a different kind of story for G.I. Joe and try to redo some age old character only to throw it all away? I mean, did NO ONE at the office mention that perhaps the movie was gona be the main franchise boat?

    If they wanted G.I. Joe to be fresh in people’s minds until the movie came out, then why not make a short mini series like Resolute (in terms of legnth). Hell, Renegades could have been planned as a short series! Could have made one complete story in one season! Who knows, maybe they still will. Would be nice to actually end this on a final note, rather than a cliffhanger or just smack dab in the middle like some shows. I just can not see how they didn’t plan this out first. SAY something about it being an interim show until the new movie comes out. SOMETHING.

  25. I’d like to hope that maybe Renegades died so that Resolute can continue… BUT THAT WILL NEVER HAPPEN! oh well it was fun while it lasted, I guess the next Joe toon will be dumbed down and based on the movieverse. Hasbro might as well put the entire Joe property on “hiatus” and bring back C.O.P.S or M.A.S.K.

  26. Like I have always said… They shoulda’ let LEGO take on the G.I. Joe vs COBRA toyline. LEGO is expanding their Ninjago into a TV series :P

    Seriously, many points have been made above, but for the most part Hasbro is a toy company bottom line.

    Only thing is… they seem not to be able to get the toys… out to the store…

    Hiatus seems like the word you’d choose when your TV series doesn’t exist on TV, and your toys don’t exist in 80% of America’s toy shops.

  27. This is some real crap. While I never was a HUGE fan of Renegades, I was catching episodes online regularly. More than anything, this just seems to be another shot at killing off GI Joe or something.

    I’m still mad that I’m having such a hard time finding figures at retail, and this doesn’t give me much hope that things will get easier or better.

  28. Crap. Does this mean they won’t bother to release it on DVD? ‘Cause that’s how I was planning to watch the show.

    I’ve still never seen TF Animated season three because they never released it to DVD…

    Hasbro’s toys keep improving as the years progress for the most part, but their media efforts are about as chaotic and counterintuitive as Mattel’s toy production.

  29. I knew there was something up when the toys didn’t come out. Furthermore, unlike The Batman, which made a course correction by the second season, G.I. Joe Renegades was too much like the A-Team, and too little like G.I. JOE.

  30. i have to say i am getting pretty tired of hasbro reinventing gi joe every year. i’m strongly considering not buying any more gi joe product, whether its movies, toons or toys. hasbro has consistently make bad decisions regrading the brand and its over and over again from continually relaunching the line even down to constant meaningless revision cases that over stock unwanted product.

  31. I’m kind of okay with a one and done season provided it wraps up somehow (i.e. The Joes reveal Cobra’s true nature and clear their names but Cobra Commander escapes to leave the door open for another season). Ideally for me they’d continue the Renegades universe’s story with art designs that can translate to plastic effectively.

    I’m really surprised that Hasbro isn’t solidly committing to a second season though. They’ve only really got two active boys’ IPs that they can exploit into a television series. I saw that Transformers is getting another show for the really young kids (I’m seriously looking forward to that more than more ‘Prime’) and Duel Masters is back (they still make Duel Masters toys?).

  32. I’ll admit I wasn’t a fan at first but ‘Renegades’ has grown on me. It really is a quality animated series. It’s ashame it has to take a backseat to yet another crappy live-action Joe movie. I wish they would make a sequel to G.I. JOE Resolute. I honestly thought that was going to be the future of G.I. Joe.

  33. Yeah, I hope they release the whole show on DVD. I’ve fallen way behind, and the eps I missed aren’t on line anymore. I kinda just figured it was s sure thing they’d release ’em, but now I hear that TF Animated series 3 wasn’t released…?! Amazing. I guess I shouldn’t be surprised, as Sigam 6 never got released either, right?

  34. I’m saddened, but not surprised. It wasn’t the show I necessarily wanted, but I enjoyed it. Besides, the adult-oriented Delta Force vs. Paladin Group and FARC stye show that I think most of us want isn’t ever going to get made because they have to be able to market it to multiple demographics beyond the Joe collecting 30-something audience. On a certain level, we should be grateful that Hasbro hasn’t just completely re-imagined the franchise into The Above Average Joes, a team of non-military superhero types who solve problems with healthy diets, communication, positive peer-to-peer life choices and good oral hygiene in order to cater to the kinder-gentler crowd.

  35. I am quite saddened by this news. Unlike other Joe fans, I found the art direction and pacing to be wonderful. I really enjoyed seeing how the Joe’s actions were helping to build Cobra as much as they were laying down the roots for the GI Joe team. The many relationships in Renegades completely bury the old cartoon as well as Resolute.

    Here’s hoping the Renegades figures are produced and we get a great translation of the Baroness from Renegades and a Blu Ray release.

  36. noooooooo whyyy cant we changes the hubs mind to keep the show going!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!1 there must be a way

  37. Well this just sucks. My 5 year old son loves this show. When the movie comes out, if they go for the PG-13 rating again he’ll still be too young to see the movie. And by the time they bring a cartoon back, he’ll probably have moved on from GI Joe.

    Personally I’ve stopped buying GI Joe for myself. I’m just sick of all the crap from Hasbro (like, “Don’t worry fans, we’ll give you Sgt. Slaughter!” “Just Kidding!”). The breaking point for me was having to pay $40+ to get Dial Tone… I’m sorry, but that was just too much to get one of my favorite characters. I couldn’t justify it. And with that my interest in buying more figures ended. Low Light was the culmination of my collection. If I could even find figures, I just don’t feel the thrill any more in paying all that money for them.

    Plus the comics… I’ve been buying every IDW comic, but I’ve lost interest in them and no longer rush out to get the new ones. That’s money I could use for something else.

    The only thing GI Joe that still held my interest was the cartoon, and that’s mostly because it was the one thing GI Joe that I could share with my son. And now Hasbro is going to take that away. I give up… I wanted my son to love the toy I loved the most as a child, but Hasbro makes it too hard.

    As Count Blacktron pointed out, I think I’ll stick to LEGO… at least they can grow a product line instead of trying everything possible to kill it.

    Heck… the reason I’m just now commenting on this is because GI Joe just doesn’t hold my interest any longer… this isn’t a death of the line reply… just a death of my interest. Congrats Hasbro, you’ve officially killed my interest. There’s nothing left you can do that I could care about, except bringing this show back.

  38. so they stopped a great cartoon so they can make and release another steaming pile of a movie. great . I love renegades if I was a kid I would be pissed I watched the original series and the second one when I was younger. kids are so deprived these days it’s sad I think they royally screwed this up

  39. Unfortunately, nowadays people don’t do an animation, respecting the fans or thinking about the show, they only think about money or about the general audience, who knows the show superficially!

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  41. Wow so you decided to stop the show to wait for the movie to come out. Now the movie got pushed back until next year. SO now we all have to wait two years so you can make sure the cartoon is more like to movie. Who really cares what the movie is like. The writers of the cartoon are doing a way better job and kids can even see movies because they are PG 13 so they will never know the diference and even if they did they wouldn’t even care. Besides all that if I watched the movie I don’t want to watch the same thing in animation thats why there is an animated version to bring our more story line develope characters and bring a different swing on the whole GI JOE thing

  42. Oh man so disappointing :( I was really enjoying this series it seemed so much better than the previous GI Joe animation series. I hope they do make another series that is mature as this one was. I guess since it was never announced even coming to DVD that my expectations should not be kept up much longer. At least they should make it known their intentions for another series instead of keeping us in the dark. :(

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