A Sigma 6 Smorgasbord at Dynamo Development Website

Wow.  You know, just when I think I might be over the whole Sigma 6 cancellation, something comes up and rubs some dirty, nasty salt right in that ole festering wound, and I cry myself to sleep that night.

I was having a good day today, until Nomad over at JoeDeclassified pointed out Dynamo Labs’ Website.  (The original find was reported by Raptor at JoeCustoms.com).  These are the masterminds behind the Xevoz toyline a number of years ago, who then migrated to the Sigma 6 side of the house.  There are tons of great concept images, preproduction sketches, and even some revelations of previously unknown (and obviously unreleased) items.

Now I’m going to go cry.

Check out these fantastic mirrored images below.

  • emike

    I was not a fan of Sigma Six but these designs are pretty cool.

  • backpack

    salt in the wound indeed :-(

  • Andrew Hall

    Man, this is a line that was really under appreciated.

  • That IG soldier is very Helgast. The 8-inch toys were very high quality, it’s just too bad that the 2.5 inch series had no support. Both being such a radical departure from before turned a lot of folks off.

  • Alexx

    Ah-HA! So that’s how Windblade Snake Eyes’s funky gun knife was supposed to be used. Also, looks like Arctic Duke was supposed to be way cooler! These guys came up with some great ideas that shoulda been used. The stuff on Zartan’s concept page are just awesome! Why’d they save most of that stuff for just Toxic Zartan? They shoulda put most of that with regular Zartan and given him some worth-while accessories instead of what he came with.

  • Man, I love me some Joe concept art.

    -4th picture – Middle guy in the green suit (Kamakura?) totally has gunblades, ala Final Fantasy 8.
    -5th picture – That hovercraft/watch tower set could have been very neat, if properly executed.

  • Love the dudes with the ‘pile driver’ and ‘heli-scout’! Definately getting a C.O.P.S. vibe from them:)

  • Black

    I would have loved all of these… had they come in the regular 3.75 format.

    I need me a Sigma six trident!!!!! I’ll take that over the Flagg any day!

  • MekkZ

    “I would have loved all of these… had they come in the regular 3.75 format.” – Black

    Truer words . . .

    Sigma 6 really just was a great concept, it was just executed so poorly. The toys weren’t in the traditional RAH scale and the animated series, while beautiful, was dumbed down to an extreme degree. It really was the closest thing I’d every gotten to an Anime take on G.I. Joe and Hasbro just botched it, by deciding at that particular moment to screw with the old, tried and true figure scale formula and THEN to to hire the worst writers for the animated series.
    The General is right, while these designs are spectacular (they really are thanks for finding them), they’re just a reminder of what could have been. And in this case what could have been, could have been ****ing awesome!

  • Toradoch

    Those are incredible. The Dragonhawk and VAMP variants are just wild. I had a couple of the figs – easily one of the highest quality toys I’ve ever had. Being a vehicle guy however, the scale took a lot of the fun out of it for me. With the upcoming Renegades-friendly vehicles coming out, it looks like they took some aesthetics of this line and brought it forward into the new.

  • notpicard
  • Barbecue17

    That arctic Duke/ Mountain Climbing Duke concept is really cool. I really and truly wish Hasbro would offer figures online only the way Mattel has Mattycollector. I’d gladly pay 30-40 for a new Sigma 6 figure every month.

  • Patrick, you’re just about my favorite person in the world right now.

  • Sigma 6 is what got me into action figure collecting. When I heard it was cancelled, and then saw the prototype for scarlett and others that would never make it to production I think I cried.

  • More “Sigma 6″ at the Joe convention!

  • Monte

    “I’d gladly pay 30-40 for a new Sigma 6 figure every month.”

    Me, too, Barbecue.

    Hell, I’d pay $50 easily for that unproduced Short-Fuze.

  • This is fun to see.