GIJoeCon 2011 Television Advertisement

Time must be getting close, because we’re getting more JoeCon 2011 news by the day…and more constant reminders that I can’t make it this year…  bah.

Just because I’m wallowing in my own misery doesn’t mean you readers can’t appreciate the coverage and intel coming down the pipe!  Pete over at the G.I. Joe Collectors Club let us know that Hasbro has produced a TV ad that they plan to air in advance of JoeCon, and it has been posted to YouTube.

Check it out below!

Yes, I’m grumpy and irritated about not being able to attend, but many of my readers will probably like it better that way, because I can often provide deeper, better coverage from the comfort of my office chair.  You can bet that even if GeneralsJoes isn’t there in person, I will be there in spirit, and bringing the latest news, intel, and unwanted opinions to the site.

A Sigma 6 Smorgasbord at Dynamo Development Website

Wow.  You know, just when I think I might be over the whole Sigma 6 cancellation, something comes up and rubs some dirty, nasty salt right in that ole festering wound, and I cry myself to sleep that night.

I was having a good day today, until Nomad over at JoeDeclassified pointed out Dynamo Labs’ Website.  (The original find was reported by Raptor at  These are the masterminds behind the Xevoz toyline a number of years ago, who then migrated to the Sigma 6 side of the house.  There are tons of great concept images, preproduction sketches, and even some revelations of previously unknown (and obviously unreleased) items.

Now I’m going to go cry.

Check out these fantastic mirrored images below.