Shipwreck confirmed for Episode 16 of G.I. Joe: Renegades

Well, as if the episode title, “Shipwrecked” wasn’t quite enough of a clue, has posted a snippet of an episode synopsis, where ole Shippy himself gets name dropped as well as the long absent General Hawk.

“Sea captain Shipwreck helps the Joes transport a bio-viper canister to Abernathy in Washington.”

As one of the few guys who actually couldn’t stand Shipwreck in the Sunbow cartoon, anything will be an improvement for me.  I’ll be looking forward to where they go with this one.  The episode is slated to Air April 15th, and is followed up by a pair of pretty cool sounding episodes, Castle Destro, and Union of the Snake.  Going just by titles alone, it sounds like things could be heating up.

Must see new forum on the block –!

Anyone who has frequented the JoeCon over the past few years has no doubt run across the JoeDeclassified’s booth.  A simple booth with glass display cases showing off some unseen test shots, 2-ups, prototypes, and many other cool intricacies of G.I. Joe lore.

Along with their presence at JoeCons, they’ve also been putting out some awesome newsletters that I’ve been way too lax on reporting on.  Those can be found right here.

Now, on top of these things, the DeClassified forums are now online, just in time for JoeCon 2011!  Promising to have a great group of members with a lot of intimate knowledge of G.I. Joe, past and present, you’re certain to find open-minded, intelligent discussion.

Check out these great new forums right here!