GeneralsJoes Wraps up the Hall of Heroes Reviews with Zartan and Snake Eyes

It only makes sense that Snake Eyes has pretty much been the backbone of the G.I. Joe mythology for a long time, and that he would bookend the Hall of Heroes assortment.  At the same time it seems somewhat bizarre that this line, supposedly geared so strongly towards collectors, would include two separate figures of a character who collectors claim to be sick of.

Of course, we’re all aware of the strange life of the Hall of Heroes, and how the fan vote was given before we even knew about other figures coming out, and the production cycle takes so long that the coolest figures within the Hall of Heroes had already been released in other formats before they even got their “deluxe” treatment.

But I digress…  check out my 25th Anniversary Review Page, or just scope out the links below:

One thought on “GeneralsJoes Wraps up the Hall of Heroes Reviews with Zartan and Snake Eyes

  1. Thanks a lot for making these reviews Justin, you hit the ball out of the park again. I own the whole set of the Hall of Heroes, but i haven’t opened them yet, though i would never open them, there’s no need to it; thanks to your reviews it’s pretty clear i’m not missing anything we haven’t seen before. So maybe they’ll end up as a gift for my grandchildren or something.

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