GeneralsJoes Reviews Hall of Heroes Crimson Guard and Flint

Next in line for the GeneralsJoes review treatment are the Hall of Heroes Crimson Guard and Flint!  Both of these figures feature mostly cosmetic updates, though Flint suffers from the fact that an even better version was released in a different set around the same time.

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5 thoughts on “GeneralsJoes Reviews Hall of Heroes Crimson Guard and Flint

  1. Question : In your pictures it looks like the helmet and backpack aren’t any different in color than the CG figure itself and you make no mention of this.

    I bought three of these guys and with each one the backpack and helmet are bright red while the figure is a dark crismon. It looks like absolute crap and I when they came in the mail I instantly regretted buying them. Just wondering if I ended up with some weirdo freak versions of the figure :D

  2. Well, I did throw in this line:

    “They also added a pretty cool sheen to the helmet that contrasts with the flatter crimson of the uniform itself rather nicely.”

    The helmet is a somewhat different color, though it’s more a result of the gloss against the flat crimson uniform, and I think it looks like the helmet is a different material (as it should be).

    I didn’t pay a whole lot of attention to the backpack, but yeah, they are slightly different, “shinier” colors.

  3. Why do you describe the gun the comic pack version comes with as “a gaffe the comic pack version inexplicably made”? I wish the Hall of Heroes CG came with both guns. The old gun was cool and added an extra bit of imagination to the Crimson Guard, it’s not like he has to have a modern riffle.

    But to each their own I suppose!

  4. I prefer Sgt. Stone over Flint. Whether Stone’s a stand in for Gung Ho or a hybrid of GH and Flint, he looks much cooler than Flint.

  5. I remember being very excited for the Flint figure from this assortment and then after having it in hand regretting it because the G.I. Joe Sunbow Battle Pack edition is so much better. The only upside might have been the different expression on the face o’ Flint, but that’s the same head as the Flint in COBRA Trooper Disguise. If anything, this Flint has really nice boots.

    That Crimson Guard is just all kinds of mis-matched when you put him next to every single other CG release from this series. Blah!

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