Yes, Virginia, Sideshow Hawk has his brown coat and goggles

Sideshow Collectibles has been a tear over the past month, flooding G.I. Joe buyers’ wallets with cool figure after cool figure, and General Hawk looks to keep up that pace.

When the preview was shown last week, fans were a bit worried that maybe the final figure wouldn’t have his brown jacket or helmet.  Well, worry no more!  Sideshow Collectibles has released their latest production blog, which features a gallery and pre-order information.  Click here for the details.

The Exclusive version features an additional head sculpt with cap, and both versions will retail for $134.99, and pre-order will be launched with the Sideshow Newsletter on March 17th.  Happy St. Patrick’s Day!

11 thoughts on “Yes, Virginia, Sideshow Hawk has his brown coat and goggles

  1. Other than the massive hand cannon that he comes with I REALLY like this figure. Great headsculpt and the outfit is perfect whether you want a v1 Hawk or v2 General Hawk.

  2. I’m not sold on the jacket. Looks too much like suede than leather but that’s an easy (if a bit expensive) fix. His name tag and ribbons on the jacket should be separate pieces that can be removed and transplanted onto a jacket that I find more acceptable.

    Aside from that though I’m liking him. He does dance a bit much on that “too much repaint/reuse” line than I like but reused items are really well done so I can’t complain too much. Hell Sideshow put out 3 Cobra Troopers that use 90% of the same parts so maximizing their tooling dollars through reuse isn’t that out of step for them. Wish they’d spring for a new backpack though. Throw some straps on Beachheads pack and you have a winner in my opinion.

    I’ll be trying to get the exclusive but if for some reason I miss out I won’t feel too bad. The alt head is nice but not something I see myself using since v.2 Hawk was my most played with Joe figure (next to v.2 Rock ‘n’ Roll).

  3. I love how Sideshow is creating these 12″ figures that look like their original 3/3/4 (?) inch figures from the 80s. He looks just like the Hawk I bought in 1986. I still have him. So cool.

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